High Strangeness: UFOs & Old Cars -- Part II: The Holy Grail

Sunday, March 16, 2014

UFOs & Old Cars -- Part II: The Holy Grail

The other day I wrote about the authentic cars used in the new Canadian TV show "Close Encounters," and there's something about the topic that I can't get out of my head...

I had written about the 1977 Ford Galaxie squad car that had allegedly been involved in a head-on collision with a UFO back in 1979, and mentioned that the car is in a museum in Warren, Minnesota, not far from where the event took place. If the story is true, that car is the holy grail of UFO research... and yet there it sits in a museum in Minnesota. WHY??

According to the story, Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was on patrol after midnight, and was trying to get a look at a strange light in the sky. When he finally got a look at it, it sped straight towards his car; Johnson heard a smash and passed out. When he came to, his car had skidded across the road, he had lost over 30 minutes of time, and he was suffering from welder's burns around his eyes and shock.

The car had lost a headlight, its front bumper and hood were dented, its windshield was shattered, one of its roof lights was cracked, the roof antenna was bent at 60 degrees and the trunk antenna was bent 90 degrees.
This is how UFO reports were filled out in 1979: typewriters and tintype photographs.

The car was examined at the time. An engineer from Ford reportedly determined that the windshield had been smacked from the inside and the outside... Which would suggest that something outside struck the windshield head-on, and then Deputy Johnson smacked his head on the windshield and pushed it out. But that would mean he wasn't wearing safety belts, which is unlikely, and anyway he didn't have a concussion. So it's a mystery, see? And an unsolved one, to boot.

I was not very familiar with the case before I saw it dramatized on the show, but now that I've read up on it a little I'm interested. Because, you see, the car has not been repaired since it was trashed by a UFO in 1979--the damage caused by the UFO is still there for all the world to see!

"See the Sheriff's UFO Car," says the website for the Warren County Historical Society at exploreminnesota.com, and I am sorely tempted! But Warren is so far out in the boonies it's closer to Fargo than it is to the Twin Cities. Hell, it's closer to Winnipeg than it is to the Twin Cities. They had to get UFO investigators from Canada to come investigate the case, for cripe's sake! So a visit anytime soon is not likely.

So, you know how everyone's always clamoring for "proof" and "evidence" that UFOs are here, that they're "real?" Well, folks, that proof has been parked for the last 35 years in a historical society museum in a small town in northern Minnesota. Parked alongside a 1912 Maxwell, a Hart Parr Steamer, a Studebaker Wagon of 1870's, a "Cook Car, a mobile dining facility used in the days of the Bonanza Farms," and "much more." The proof that UFOs exist is nothing more than a tourist attraction, a freak in a roadside freak show, a Jackalope.

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