High Strangeness: UFO Cover-Up!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

UFO Cover-Up!

The other day I learned something very amazing: I am a pawn in a Roswell cover-up! I'm not sure if that means I've done something terribly wrong, or I've done something terribly right, but either way I think it's pretty cool, and I intend to make the most of it.

The way I found out about was kind of weird. In my last post I mentioned that I had gotten an unpleasant email from a reader who didn't like my comments concerning Roswell. I had said that I wasn't going to refer to the Roswell incident in my book about Dr. J. Allen Hynek because Hynek had never found "crashed saucer" stories very credible, but the writer threw some information at me that he felt not only proved me wrong but proved that I was a gullible fool, and then closed with this friendly advice:
"A note of caution to the journalist; Don't believe everything you want to believe or what they want you to believe."
I wrote back the following:
"I don't recall asking you for journalism advice, but since you've given it, please explain to me: who is this "they" you refer to, and what is it that "they" want me to believe? Are you suggesting that I'm being used as a pawn in a Roswell cover-up? Because that would be cool."
It happens all the time.
I figured I pretty much had this person there. You can't just go around saying things about "they" and not expect someone to call you on it, right? At the most basic level this person is accusing me of being a shoddy, lazy journalist, which does not please me, but beyond that there's also a very clear statement that there's a "they" out there that are using me to further some nefarious agenda. It's fair game for me to a) ask the person to back it up, and b) make fun of them.

So this person wrote a very snotty letter back to me, most of which doesn't bear repeating, except for this gem:
"If you have been soured on Roswell then you certainly know who 'they' are."
Again with the "they!" And again with the assumptions: the writer doesn't say that I have soured on Roswell, but that I have "been soured on" Roswell. Why does this person think that some third party "they" has soured me on Roswell, and is, indeed, telling me what to write in my book? Maybe that's how this person writes books, but not me.

Anyway, the inescapable conclusion is that this person believes that there are forces in the UFO world that are trying to silence the Roswell believers, and "they" are influencing me to take out any Roswell references in my Hynek book to further their goals of making us all forget the "truth" about Roswell.

All I can say is that if there is a "they" manipulating me to "sour" on Roswell, "they" could have saved "them"selves a lot of trouble, because the souring had already taken place. Still, having said that, if "they" do want to manipulate me, I wish "they" would just get in touch with me so we can coordinate our efforts. Because, the bottom line is this: any "they" who can bother this person who's been sending me these nasty emails as much as "they" do is a "they" I want to get to know!
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