High Strangeness: If I Held a UFO Conference - Part 2

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If I Held a UFO Conference - Part 2

Man, this is the last time I ask you people for suggestions.

I asked a simple question: what unique and interesting speakers would you invite to a hypothetical UFO conference? In response, you have bombarded me with names! Accounting for the several repeats that piled up, I'm looking at a list of 17 people who I now have to vet. Seventeen! As if that wasn't enough trouble, some of you aren't even sure if the people you suggested are alive! So guess who has to start sending out "Dear So-and-So, are you still alive?" emails. Do you realize how much work this is going to be??
This lady can attend my UFO conference free of charge.

On the plus side, the people you've suggested are, by and large, pretty interesting. There was only one name to which I reacted negatively: Nick Redfern. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but he's a little too Roswell-y for me and spends a bit too much time appearing on those cable channels I mentioned in my last post. Sorry, Nick, you're out.

Let's look at the rest of the list and see what each person has to offer, shall we?
  • Jack Brewer -- I like Jack's blog, The UFO Trail, a lot. He's in.
  • Peter Brooksmith -- Talking about UFOs with a British accent -- cool.
  • Thomas "Eddie" Bullard -- Anybody with a Ph.D. in folklore who lists the 1959 Father Gill incident as his top UFO case is "ok" with me.
  • Bill Chalker -- Has already contacted me with great comments for my Hynek book. He's a keeper.
  • Jerome Clark -- I would love to hear him recap his epic "UFO Encyclopedia" from A to Z.
  • Dr. Richard Haines -- Specializes in aerial encounters, a favorite topic of mine; he's in.
  • Micah Hanks -- I admit I'm iffy on this guy. Like Redfern, he seems a little too ready to lend his name to any old unexplained phenomenon that happens to materialize. I'll have to think about it.
  • Allan Hendry -- Getting the famous UFO recluse to break cover would be a major coup.
  • Paul Kimball -- I don't know much about this dude but he seems to be a bit under the radar so I'd give him a chance.
  • Ted Phillips -- Expert on CE2K physical traces; I bet he can give a spellbinding presentation! 
  • Kevin Randle -- How can I not like this guy? We've both been maligned by the same dark force in UFOlogy and lived to tell about it.
  • Jenny Randles -- She's like Kevin Randle in duplicate. She's in!
  • John Rimmer --Writes about 'How to take down a UFO organization.' Subversive enough to be the Grand High Guest Speaker of the whole damn conference!
  • Martin Shough -- Expert on radar cases, a Hynek favorite; I'd love to hear him speak.
  • Ronald Story -- May not be alive, but if he is, he's in, for no other reason than to celebrate the fact that he's still alive
  • Michael Swords -- He is so in.
Good list, I have to admit. And, despite my whining at the beginning of the post, I am actually really proud of you all for coming up with such intriguing, challenging suggestions.

I'm also proud of these additional suggestions for special guest appearances at the conference:
  • Dr. Steven Greer, encased in carbonite
  • Dr. Stanton Friedman, being interrogated about the Marjorie Fish star map
It goes without saying that if there is enough carbonite left over, Stanton Friedman will be encased when we're finished interrogating him.

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