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Thursday, October 31, 2013

UFO Swag

I am on the horns of a dilemma. As a MUFON Certified Field Investigator, State Section Director and Chief Inspector, I need to put my best foot forward when I go out on a case. It's not enough to act like I know what I'm doing--I need to look like I know what I'm doing.

MUFON understands this, and so they've just added a valuable new item of Certified Field Investigator Swag to the MUFON Store: Business Cards!

That's right: from now on, every time I go out on an investigation, I can hand out official MUFON business cards to the witnesses I interview, revealing all my personal contact information to them! I suppose there are times that could be useful, but in my year and a half of investigating UFO sightings I have only actually met a handful of the people I interact with. About 75% of my investigations involve a 45-minute phone call, and that's about it. No need for business cards there.
Nothing says "I think you saw an alien spaceship" like a galactic business card.
But in those 25% of cases where I meet the witness, I'm not sure that I want to pass out a business card that reinforces so many stereotypes:

Outer space imagery? Check!

Star Trek font? Check!

Silly title? Check!

Anyway... longtime readers may remember that a few years back my kids had some UFO business cards printed up for me. I have been using the hell out of these cards in all sorts of situations since I got them, so much so that they have become an integral part of my UFO investigator persona...
Seriously, how would you rather introduce yourself?

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