High Strangeness: Third-String Aliens

Friday, October 11, 2013

Third-String Aliens

It's taken a while, but I'm finally getting a taste of what it means to be the MUFON Chief Investigator for the state of Wisconsin. One of our investigators filed a report on this recent UFO sighting:
I was going back into the house after taking my dog for a potty break. I have been studying the stars with the help of my I PAD. Looking up one last time the stars were blinking out and coming back on. At first I thought tree branches were getting in the way,but realized there were no branches there. I could see no object . I carry a 2 million candle spot light and shone it at the black out stars area. Wow was I surprised to see a triangle shaped craft dull gray. The front was thinner and curved to a wider back. It moved very slowly from west to east. I kept the light on the craft for approximately 3 minutes. Then it started a smooth slow turn to the southeast. It stayed away from the city light glow and stayed in the darker areas. I was losing sight of the object and weny into the house to get binoculars. I went out on the top deck and searched but could no longer see it. The object made no sound.at any time. I live 10 to 20 miles from two airports. I saw one small airplane before and two small airplanes after I saw the object. I had horrible nightmares that night!
Behold, the Space Dumpster
Our Field Investigator, Lxx, did a great job interviewing the witness and checking up on the story, not to mention securing the truly awesome illustration above. His report caught the attention of MUFON's National Director of Research, who asked me, the Chief Investigator, to gather some more information--not many UFO witnesses have 2-million candlepower spotlights at their fingertips, so there was great interest in what the illumination actually revealed about the size, makeup and distance of the strange object... There were so many follow-up questions that I decided a whole new interview was in order, so yesterday I had a long talk with the witness. At first it was pretty straightforward--man sees flying dumpster in sky, shines spotlight on it and it flies away into the night--but towards the end the witness really threw me for a loop... and I'm still shaking from it.

Here's the report I wrote up last night...
When he first noticed the object it was over the tree line to the west of his back yard. The trees are about 70' and he now thinks the object was about 100' above them when he saw it (when he talked to Lxx he thought it was more like 1,000' above the trees). At first he just saw a dark shape obscuring the stars and moving slowly in his direction. It was heading roughly towards the nearby airport, and since he was a pilot his first thought was that it was a plane in trouble trying to make it to the municipal airport about 3-4 miles to the east. 1000 feet up made sense to him at first, because that would be a logical elevation for a small plane approaching the airport. But it was moving too slowly, not making any sound and didn't seem to have any wings. As it moved west to east it appeared to "bob up and down." He turned his Brinkmann Q-Beam spotlight on the object as it flew directly overhead and the 2-million candlepower beam illuminated the entire bottom surface of the object. It had a dull, matte surface, and looked almost like a "rusty dumpster." It had a pointed front, and a flat rear edge with a grille, and was the same size as 2 1/2 inches on a ruler held at arm's length. When the spotlight hit it, the object stopped its bobbing motion and turned to the SE and flew away. He feels very strongly that the object reacted to his spotlight.

After we talked about the object he told me about a dream he had that night. He dreamt that he woke up in bed and saw "two little fellows" in his bedroom. It's a 2nd story bedroom and the door was open, so he thinks they came in from the hall. The first fellow was just coming out from behind his dresser but stopped in his tracks when he saw the witness was awake and looking at him. He said "the fellow was as surprised as I was." The second creature remained behind the first. At first he thought they were alien greys, but they were brownish. "I got the third-stringers," he joked. They were about 36" tall, had round heads, round eyes, long hands and fingers. He didn't see any hair, clothes, noses or mouths, but he definitely felt that the first creature expressed surprise that he was awake and looking at him. At no time did the witness feel any fear or panic. After maybe 3 seconds he couldn't keep his eyes open and fell back asleep, but now he doesn't know whether he was dreaming or was actually awake.

He's confused by the "dream" for a couple reasons. He suffers from fibromyalgia and doesn't sleep well because of the pain. Once he's up, he's up, so if he was really awake to see the two fellows, it's very strange that he would have fallen right back to sleep.  Also, because of his sleep problems, he almost never dreams, so the fact that he had this experience at all seems unusual to him. His dog was in the room and slept through the experience. Also, his wife sleeps in a separate bedroom across the hall with the door closed--because of his sleep problems--and she didn't see or hear anything that night.

I asked him why he didn't mention the dream in the talk with Lxx, and he said he thought he had mentioned it, but didn't go into any particulars because he thought MUFON was "only interested in the facts." So, why did he talk about it today? I got the impression that after his talk with Lxx he had spent some more time in his yard looking up in the sky and trying to recreate the event, and the more he thought about it the more details seemed important to him.
That's what I said in my report. The truth is, I'd like to think he opened up to me about the dream because the "little fellows" chose me. But why?

And here's another puzzler: why would he think that MUFON is only interested in the facts??

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