High Strangeness: UFO Good Guys

Monday, September 16, 2013

UFO Good Guys

Quite an experience over the weekend... I traveled to Kalamazoo, MI, to spend time with a group of UFO historians I have dubbed The Council of Elders, and the experience surpassed all my expectations. Where else can you ask a simple little question about UFO lore and then get a two-hour answer (without bathroom breaks)?

The reason you get a two-hour answer is that every single member of the group has his or her brain chock fulla UFO history to a degree that is beyond astonishing, and once you get them talking they are morally and legally obligated to tell you the entire story, from prequel to sequel, often in one breath. If all the UFO records and archives around the world suddenly burst into flame and were reduced to ashes in mere moments, we would need to keep these guys forever indefinitely to preserve the last 60-some years of UFO research.

I arrived Saturday afternoon to find the group socializing in our host's driveway and garage, which is not so much a garage as a library, filled with the collected research files of famed naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson. I mean, it's just all there, stacked from floor to ceiling! As our host explained to me, "I've never owned a car, so why not put his files in the garage?" Hard to argue with that.

The group members were discussing puzzling UFO cases that have recently come to their attention, including one tantalizing case where a woman heard a disturbance outside her house one night, went outside to see what it was, and found scorched footprints in her lawn... Scorched footprints!

There was a lot of talk about well-known good guys, bad guys and out-and-out doofuses in UFO history, which was fun because these folks knew all these people... They ripped into anything and anybody, and our host pronounced that it was okay because, well, we're all a bunch of assholes after all... 

Imagine my surprise to find they were all disembodied brains.
After a break for dinner we all reconvened in our host's basement, which had even more stuffed bookshelves and file cabinets than the garage. I had stayed pretty quiet for most of the day, got more social during dinner, then broke out my shell in the basement and asked my first UFO history question of the night; the one that triggered the two-hour answer. Turns out the period of time I was asking about is this particular gentleman's forte, so he had a massive amount of information to share... I am still digesting what I learned during those two hours, but will blog about it eventually. The point is, I had entered the conversation at last, and I was accepted, maybe not as an equal but as a fellow traveler worthy of being part of the weekend.

Sunday morning I spent some more time in the basement with the group and this time I stumped them with my latest Hynek-related historical mystery. I was proud of stumping them, but disappointed that they couldn't help me solve my mystery... Guess I'm on my own for that one.

By the time I left I had a huge packet of UFO papers in my hands and promises of more to come through the email. Then our host led me to his main file room and showed me his J. Allen Hynek files... I asked if I could come back another day to look them over and he said that he'd be happy to let me go through anything he's got. Then, as I left, he said, "Well, now you know what this is about, and now you're part of it."



Anonymous said...

A hundred quatloos on Stanton Friedman!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Stanton Friedman?!? Too rich for my blood!