High Strangeness: Grumpy Old UFO Investigators

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grumpy Old UFO Investigators

It's official! I will be attending this weekend's Summit of the UFO Council of Elders, and I am psyched!

And, I am happy to say that I no longer feel that I will be seen as an intruder or a pest. I got a very nice email this afternoon from the host inviting me to come and join the fun and stay as long as I want!

The host of the soiree is Professor Michael Swords, one of the authors of the monumental book "UFOs and Government" and the mastermind behind the equally-impressive blog "The Big Study."  In all fairness, he really didn't know who the hell I was when Mark Rodeghier, the Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, invited me along to the party, so he had every right to be a little cautious about my intentions. I don't know what eased his mind about me, but I'm grateful.

You cannot imagine my relief at this... After my meeting with Mark Rodeghier yesterday at CUFOS HQ, I was really beginning to wonder about the overall psychological health of the UFO community in general. We were discussing a historical mystery that I've come across in researching my Hynek book, and Mark said I needed to talk to a certain person who may have some helpful information, but he added something to the effect that I should be careful because this person pretty much hates everyone who tries to talk to him...


Then I asked him about a former CUFOS investigator whose name has come up in a different context and who I would love to interview for the book, and Mark shook his head and said, "Oh, he won't talk to anybody." Then he said that I might have better luck getting an interview with this person's wife, but he added that she was actually his ex-wife and that she was pretty cranky herself...

I have lost count of the grumpy, prickly, curmudgeonly, and quite-possibly-insane characters I have run afoul of in this investigation. For the most part, their negative energy is more than balanced out by the people who have been truly wonderful to interact with, but there are times when their sheer toxicity threatens to overwhelm me and I say a little prayer asking please, please don't let these people be the first humans to make contact with a superior alien race...
"Holy shit, these hu-mans are grumps. Destroy! Destroy!"
Then I start to worry that this may be my fate... What if I end up being a grumpy old UFO investigator? I already have the tendencies, I admit. Our property is right next to the city pool, and when people decide to use our driveway and lawn as a short-cut entrance to the parking lot, as they invariably do every summer, I'm always tempted to go all Gran Torino... But I don't have a gun or a baseball bat so I set up a barricade and scowl at anyone who comes close to it. Strangely, it's not as effective as it sounds.

So yeah, I need to be on guard against becoming the very thing I despise. Or, if I already have become the thing I despise, I need to be on guard against realizing it.

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