High Strangeness: Grand-daddy of All UFO Sightings -- Part III

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grand-daddy of All UFO Sightings -- Part III

A few weeks ago I wrote about the "Grand-daddy of all UFO sightings," the famous Washington, D.C, flap of 1952, and how it had apparently been predicted by a government scientists working for a top secret agency... I promised to write more, especially after getting such great feedback from so many readers--and being mentioned by fellow UFO blogger Jack Brewer in this great Examiner.com article--and today's the day. 

The idea that anyone could recognize patters in UFO reports that would enable them to predict future UFO sightings is, of course, revolutionary. If it could be done, we would potentially already know everything there is to know about UFOs... But if it could be done, and if it was done, why was it only done that once??

I can think of two reasons: 1) the UFOs figured out right away that we could predict their appearances and immediately changed their MO, or 2) the government has secretly been using this technique since 1952 and actually does know everything there is to know about UFOs... and isn't telling us!
Could our government be in cahoots with these fiends?
In Mr. Brewer's article, however, he raised the possibility that this was all part of a massive charade on the part of the U.S. military to test a new technology referred to as "Palladium," that would enable our side to project false radar blips onto the other side's radars. Which is unbelievably clever and sneaky, and is to be admired.

Now, it just so happens that in my research for my book on Dr. J. Allen Hynek, I came across a government memo that outlines just such a project... In the August, 1949 final report issued by Project Grudge, the Air Force's UFO investigation program, the following conclusions were reached:

a. “(T)hese flying objects constitute no direct threat to the national security of the United States.
b. “Reports of unidentified flying objects are the result of:
1.      Misinterpretations of various conventional objects.
2.      A mild form of mass hysteria or ‘war nerves.’
3.      Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetuate a hoax or to seek publicity.
4.      Psychopathological persons.
c. “Planned release of unusual aerial objects coupled with the release of related psychological propaganda could cause mass hysteria.”
Did you read the whole list? Item "c" kind of jumps out at you, doesn't it? Why the hell is the Air Force daydreaming about using the UFO phenomenon as a front for creating mass hysteria? On whom exactly are they thinking of unleashing this massive mind-fuck? The report doesn't say, but the reader is left with the uncomfortable impression that the authors could have the American public in mind...

There's more to the story, of course, and you can piece it together yourself in the Project Blue Book files (good idea), or you can wait until my book comes out (better idea)!


Anonymous said...

Again, the Washington flap took place over 60 years ago. These events will NEVER come to any meaningful conclusion. There are tons of current cases that beg to be looked at. This type of discussion will never amount to a hill of beans.

Maybe it's fun to wonder about, but all in all it is a general waste of time.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

It is fun to wonder about, that's the point! But I would argue that it is also relevant to the current state of UFO research, and I would further argue that it is easier to believe that the government had a way to predict UFO appearances in 1952 than that the government has a captured saucer & alien corpses stashed somewhere.