High Strangeness: Predicting UFOs!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Predicting UFOs!

Good news! I have finally heard from someone who has not dissed my discovery of a method of predicting UFOs appearances!

If you've been following along--and a whole lot of you have been--I found what I thought was a very credible reference in a 1956 book in which a government scientist revealed that UFO appearances could be accurately predicted. Sadly, though, certain UFO experts pooh-poohed my discovery, which made me feel bad. So I went on vacation to forget.

But, life is full of surprises, at least mine is, and to a surprising degree: while I was on vacation I got a letter from a gentleman in the U.K. who backed me up and turned me on to several researchers and authors who have done interesting work on... predicting the appearance of UFOs... and I am intrigued.

His letter began with this:
"The first guy I came across who seemed to be able to predict when and where ufos would appear  was the French author Aime Michel.   He noticed ufos made straight line paths - or paths along particular tracks around the earth.   He seemed to be onto something but apparently a statistical analysis of his findings suggests his findings were not significant"
I was actually already aware of this, as Dr. Jacques Vallee writes a lot in his books about his friendship with Michel, and the work he did to try to substantiate Michel's concept of "Orthoteny." It's pretty interesting stuff, but, sadly, never went anywhere.
"The second person to study ufo prediction - though he seemed to be more concerned with earthquake prediction and predicting when nuclear explosions take place - is Bruce Cathie.  (Recently deceased).  Bruce Cathie seems to have had some success and his work warrents further study.   I wrote to him a few years ago and he replied saying that his publisher was ready to publish another one of his books (he has written several) when suddenly the publisher decided not to publish them.  In fact, several thousand of his books were burned or otherwise destroyed.  It seems the Intelligence agencies did not want his work to be known to the world at large."
See why I'm intrigued? I've stumbled into another conspiracy!! But back to the letter...
"Finally - and perhaps most relevant to ufo prediction - is the work of retired British Aerospace engineer Roy Dutton.  He claims to be able to predict when/where ufos will appear with a high degree of accuracy and indeed he may truly be onto something.   He sent his research findings to some British scientific group but never received an answer.  This may suggest he is onto something!   Dutton has written a book called "UFOs in Reality"  In this book he describes the technical details of his work with all the relevant graphs and data.  Get it before it's banned - or before the men in their Black Helicopters abduct you."
Holy shit! Not only have I stumbled into another conspiracy, there may be black helicopters shadowing me this very minute. This is why I got into the UFO racket in the first place!
I just looked out my kitchen window and saw this. I may be on the run for a while.
Now, some attentive readers may have recalled my recent exchange with special effects uber-genius Douglas Trumbull. Mr. Trumbull is developing a very cool camera called UFOTOG, with which he hopes to capture sharp, spectacular images of UFOs, but to make it work he needs to be able to predict where UFOs are going to appear...

My challenge now: can I help Doug Trumbull devise a way to get his camera to where a UFO is about to appear before the black helicopters nab me?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Doug's camera will have Night Vision or Infra Red capability as often ufos cannot be seen by the naked eye but they can be seen in the infra red range.

I can hear the distant purr of rotating helicopter blades approaching, so must go.

John P

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I have a feeling Doug's camera will be able to see into parallel dimensions. He's going to start showing it off soon, and I can't wait to learn more about it!