High Strangeness: MUST FUND UFOTOG

Monday, August 12, 2013


Okay, so I may have been premature in poking fun of the new MUFON State Directors Forum on Facebook. Yes, there's still a lot of talk about things like color-keyed ID badges and the like, but the other day someone posted a pretty useful piece of information that got me kind of excited.

I was browsing through the latest postings, looking for something of interest, when I came across a discussion of a UFO seminar to be put on this fall by a MUFON chapter in Pennsylvania, and someone posted this suggestion:
 "Have you considered having Marc Dantonio and Doug Trumbull (Special effects producer for some well known films) to speak at the symposium on the new camera systems and detection systems for UAPs. Also you could add his Movie he is producing with Marc to show at the symposium. Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciGiYohwRlc"
GREAT suggestion.

I've been a fan of Douglas Trumbull's work since I was a kid and found a paperback of "The Making of '2001: A Space Odyssey'" at the library and read it cover to cover. To create the special effects for this movie, Trumbull and director Stanley Kubrick pretty much threw out everything that had ever been done before and invented entirely new methods of doing, well... everything. I followed his career after that, as he created the effects for a slew of amazing movies, including "Blade Runner," "Silent Running," Star Trek: The Motion Picture," and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

So I was thrilled to see that he was now working on an amazing camera system for capturing images of UFOs. The system is called "UFOTOG," and I have to admit it took me two days to realize it was a mash-up of UFO and PHOTOG. Now, what could be cooler than bombing around the countryside in a modified Humvee with a clamshell roof and a high-tech imaging system in the back, hunting UFOs?  

Now, this is what I signed on for.
Douglas Trumbull poses with one of the miniatures from what famous movie?
After reading about the system and watching the video, I wrote to Mr. Trumbull to find out more about his plans to turn the whole world of UFO research on its pointy little head, and I got an extremely nice reply from the Wizard himself...
"The UFOTOG project became financially daunting, and became a vehicle to raise what needs to be substantial money to do it right. That has not materialized, nor has the CIA been willing to help, even though I was approached with an offer that was later retracted. The technology has dramatically changed over time, and we are still working on the latest version. It will still require funding, and I am hoping that the UFOTOG movie will jog some money loose from someone. Ideally a high net worth individual who is interested in space - and there are a few. I tried some and got rejected, but this movie might do the trick. I never give up.
"The film about the project will be done in late September, available for screenings here at my studio in Massachusetts. Later we hope to screen it in other locations."
I have a new goal in life: be at one of those screenings.

One more thing: Not only is Doug Trumbull a genius, he's a very nice guy. He read my recent blog post about the Million Intruder March and wrote: "Good luck on the MIM. A wild idea. A friend of mine recently visited Area 51 and got some amazingly scary video."

Hmmm, scary video from Area 51... Sounds like something I should see before risking my life--and yours--at Area 51 this fall.



Anonymous said...

That is a miniature from Blade Runner. Thankfully there are people like Trumbull who think outside the box and push the envelope of cinema technology.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Agreed! Mr. Trumbull has done more to push the limits of cinema since anyone since Georges Melies...