High Strangeness: My Three UFO Cases

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Three UFO Cases

Suddenly I have three new UFO cases to investigate for MUFON! And I've already thrown one of them down the crapper!

All of us Certified UFO Field Investigators in the state got an email over the weekend from our State Director, Vxxxx, alerting us that cases were piling up and that we'd better get on the stick:  "Hi Guys - you may have noticed an increase in assignments," Vxxxx wrote. "That's because we have an increase in reports - that's usual in summer as people get out and enjoy the warm evenings.  I always say if people didn't go out to smoke or walk their dog, it would come to a standstill in the cooler months.

 "In any event, our load is heavier and Mxxx asked to be inactive for right now - so I'm having to assign more to each person.  If you run into problems, want to swap cases, etc. let me know.  At this point, I'm trying to just assign someone within the three days so our ranking doesn't take a hit."
It's pretty cool that we're getting crushed with new reports, and I sure as hell don't want our ranking to take a hit, but if it does I sure as hell don't want to be the chump responsible, so I went straight to our Contact Management System (CMS) to look up my new cases.
Sadly, my string of Close Encounters seems to be at an end, for now (although I still retain the right to call myself The Close Encounter Kid, and you can call me that as well). My string of weird entity encounter cases also seems to be at an end.... which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Here's what I got:
Case 1 -- June 22, 2013: "I was taking out some recycling between 10:00-10:30 at night. I noticed what looked like a burning ember from a firework in the sky over the houses directly south of my house. However, instead of falling towards the earth, it was moving parallel to the ground and traveling slowly above our neighborhood from W to E. I watched it for 2-3 minutes - even called someone out of the house to watch it, too. It slowly ascended into the clouds as it continued traveling E. This surprised me as it I thought it was closer to the ground, but apparently it was closer to cloud level (maybe it was bigger than I thought...?). I eventually I lost it in the clouds to the east of my house. I could hear no sound as I observed it."
Case 2 -- June 22, 2013:  "I was walking N on south KK whennotice what I thought was a flare. The object was traveling W towards my direction. It slowed to a stop and hovered for 20sec. There was no sound or smoke/vapor coming from it. From the distance of around 500ft it appeared to be 200-300ft from the ground. It appeared to be searching for something. It seemed to about the size of a small van. After hovering it turned back E and slowly ascended away from me at a slight angle until it disappeared into the hazy distance. The object had a burning quality shimmering between orange/red/yellow colors. Its shape orb-like and didnt alter much except for the fire-like shimmering. I felt compelled to walk towards it. May have just been curiosity, but its almost like it was putting a question in my mind that I cant quite remember. I took a photo with my iPhone. Its a little shaky and no ground reference is in the shot. I have enhanced slightly to make it less grainy. I have attached both copies. The coordinates for the object when it hovered are approx: 42.992439 -87.881799"

Investigator's Unique Insight: Both of these sightings took place on the same night, and involved objects that appear quite similar: "burning ember" and "flare." This could be what we call a "connection."

Case 3 -- July 2, 2013: "Fishing in dousman with 3 friends and saw reddish glowing object. went up to road, grabbed binoculars and shortly after disappeared"

This is the most expensive area code in North America. There is maybe one phone.
Now, Cases 1 & 2 are both just fine. Case #3, however, is problematic, and I'll tell you why. The person who filed the report listed three contact phone numbers--for home, cell and work--with three different area codes--one from California, one from the North Pole, and one that is nonexistent. You didn't know the North Pole had an area code did you? Actually, it's for the Northwest Territories, Nunavit and the Yukon, so it borders the North Pole, which is good enough for me.

But that's not the worst of it. The witness' email address is even more troubling. He asks to be contacted at something that's really so vile that I won't repeat it here but it begins with "p" and then has a "69", and then ends with "@pornwagon.com"

So, I wrote back to Vxxxx and told her I was going to pass on this one. I can understand someone trying to pull a prank, but why make it impossible for me to contact them? Isn't that half the fun of the prank, to get me to call back and then razz me for being so gullible? Or am I missing something?

Color me frustrated. Shouldn't Vxxxx be screening these reports?? More importantly, Doesn't anyone know how to pull a good prank anymore????


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