High Strangeness: Loose Lips Sink UFOs

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Loose Lips Sink UFOs

Last week I was digging through the archives of Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) when I came across something really odd. Let me tell you, there's a lot of odd stuff in those files, but what I found last week was a standout. It was a June, 1985 newsletter from an organization I had never heard of before: "Citizens Against UFO Secrecy," or CAUS.

What made it so odd? Well, CAUS' website doesn't seem to have been updated since 1997, so I don't think anyone associated with the group is going to object to a little constructive criticism. So, here goes:

I shouldn't even have to say this, but CAUS is a terrible acronym. It doesn't sound UFO-y or extraterrestrial at all. Of course, the organization seems to be run by a lawyer who calls himself UFOLAWYER, so that could explain it.

Then there's the mission statement. It's all standard Disclosure claptrap: earth is being visited by aliens, and we have a right to know, blah, blah, blah.

But then comes this part:

Pursuant to these principles, CAUS is involved to specific projects to get the truth out:
1) A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to be filed against the Army based upon the book "Day After Roswell" attributed to Lt. Col. (ret) Philip Corso. 2) "Project:Destination Moon,' the first civilian, privately financed, rocket to the moon to send back live photos from Sinus Medii to verify alleged artificial structures located there
3) the CAUS INITIATIVE, a viable and practical alternative to Congressional hearings, immunity and amnesty
4) 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,' a promotional and fundraising video on behalf of CAUS.
Okay, this was old back in 1997, although I have to admit I do love the audacity and genius of "Project: Destination Moon." A civilian, privately-financed rocket to the moon to send back live photos from Sinus Medii to verify alleged artificial structures located there?? Save me a seat! (This is no joke! I have heard the wondrous tales of the mysterious glass dome that covers Sinus Medii, and I want to be the first human to set foot inside it!)

But the best, oddest part of this CAUS newsletter was a reproduction of a security poster published by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1964, to warn government employees to keep their mitts off of the government's Top Secret UFO files.

Is it any wonder that this security poster won the DIA's coveted "Security Poster of the Month" competition? Look at the clean lines, the purity of its concept and execution, the funny look on the alien's face as he/she/it rams into the file cabinet... It's priceless!

Is it also any wonder that in the first ten days after this poster was posted all around that one file cabinet that housed all of the U.S. Government's most precious and sensitive UFO files, theft of those files decreased 17%?? True fact!
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