High Strangeness: Wingless Sky Monster! -- Part 2

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wingless Sky Monster! -- Part 2

I've been looking at an atlas this morning, trying to figure out the conundrum of the Wingless Sky Monster!, first reported here a few days ago. Like Dr. Hynek before me, I am troubled by the discrepancies between the time the flaming cylinder appeared in the sky in the Eastern Time Zone and the time it appeared in the sky in the Central Time Zone. Although the sightings are commonly reported as having taken place an hour apart, they seem to have taken place two hours apart, if the witnesses all reported the times correctly for their individual time zones. And since there's no reason to assume that they didn't, we can thus assume that there were two hours between the sightings in Macon, Georgia (1:45 EDT) and Montgomery, Alabama (2:45 CDT).

But, if the Wingless Sky Monster! was really traveling at 700 miles an hour, as two trained observers reported separately, then it only would have taken the WSM! about 20 minutes, give or take a few, to traverse the distance between Macon and Montgomery.

What does that mean? It means the WSM! had about an hour and forty minutes to kill between sightings. Now, what could a 700 mph wingless rocket do in an hour forty?  

Anything it wants to!

At 700 miles per hour, the WSM! could cover nearly 12 miles in a minute. That means it could cover nearly 1,200 miles in the hour and forty minutes between sightings. That's a quick jaunt of 600 miles out and 600 miles back for those crafty aliens.

Where did they go?

Looking at the atlas, I can see many possible destinations:
  • New Orleans, for some coffee and beignets?
  • Miami, for some beach time?
  • St. Louis, to fly under the arch?
  • Nashville, to hear some country & western?
  • Norfolk, to do, er... whatever people in Norfolk do?
  • Havana, to... Hey, wait a minute. Havana!
In 1948, when all this happened, Havana was a booming place, still 10 years away from when the Communist revolution went and spoiled everything. Could the WSM! have paid a visit to pre-revolutionary Fidel Castro and somehow altered world events? Could there be fine cigars involved? The WSM! was, after all, cigar-shaped! In fact, this was the first significant sightings of a cigar-shaped UFO, which suddenly takes on much greater significance than it might have otherwise...

I'm just going to put this out there... What if the Wingless Sky Monster!, which was described as a 100 foot long cylinder shooting a 50-foot cherry red jet of flame out of its tail, was really a test flight of a promotional campaign to advertise fine Cuban cigars in the U.S.?

Just take a look at this image and tell me I'm wrong...

You know what they say: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." But then, other times, a cigar is a UFO!

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