High Strangeness: UFO Lies

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

UFO Lies

It has been brought to my attention by commenters on this blog that some people in the UFO biz are dishonest liars, and that I should ask them why they are liars. This is a very serious matter and I am taking it seriously, but it occurs to me that if I ask a person why he/she is a liar, he/she will simply lie to me. So I am not going to ask.

I have also been asked, very bluntly, "What truths were you looking to get from this liar?" The answer is, if I were ever in a position to ask a question of such a person I would not ask anything that I didn't already know. That way, if he/she tells me anything legit, maybe I can use it in my Hynek book; if not, no great loss.

Does the UFO phenomenon attract liars?
I wonder, does the UFO phenomenon, by its nature, attract dishonest people, or do honest people become dishonest once they become involved in the UFO phenomenon? In a field that constantly challenges our definitions of reality and tests the limits of our perceptions, how do we define the truth?

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