High Strangeness: The Shadow People vs the Atacama Humanoid

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Shadow People vs the Atacama Humanoid

People ask me the funniest questions on this job. Today I got a reply from the guy I had emailed the other day about the "old UFO letter in the attic" mystery, and it was all pretty straightforward, thanking me for the research I had done, and then at the end of the letter he says:

"Do you guys have any opinion on shadow people? May be out of your area of interest but I think some people think these maybe interdimensional beings. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Strictly speaking, I'm a Certified UFO Investigator. I have no special training in shadow people investigating, or in even forming opinions about shadow people, and I always think it's a good idea to leave this kind of thing to the experts. Still, shadow people sound kind of cool and creepy, so I think I'm going to have to look into this. Because I want to have an opinion on shadow people, just on general principle, and just in case somebody asks me again. 

I do have an opinion on interdimensionality. Interdimensionality rocks. 
Can you spot the "shadow people" person in this picture? Hint: It looks more like a "shadow" than a "people."

Speaking of opinions, I also got a letter today from a reader who wanted to know why I wasn't going to write about "Ata," the Atacama Humanoid, any more. He had an opinion about my opinion about "Ata" not being an alien being after alll, and I have to say, he wrote a good letter, and never once told me that I had my head up my ass. In fact, he "respectfully" disagrees with me! How about that?

Here's some of what he had to say:

"The DNA didn't say it was 'Human' it says that it's 'more' Human than a Chimpanzee for example. Also how do you explain the calcification in the bones? A world's leader concluded that the being was 6-8 years of age at the time of death, based on a tried and true scientific process. Also, it has 10 ribs not twelve on each side, a defect NEVER before seen or documented in human history. I keep reading articles online about people brushing this story off as if it were nothing and over with. How can people (respectively including yourself) conclude that it's DEFIANTLY Human when all the evidence says that it's something far stranger."

Despite the good letter, the reader and I will have to agree to disagree on "Ata." One big reason for that is that he has obviously done a whale of a job researching this, while I have done my usual drive-by, so I can't even come close to responding to his challenges. So I won't, and he respects that.

But now I'm in a pickle: by responding to his letter asking why I would never write about "Ata" again, he has forced me to write about "Ata" again! What a devilish trick!

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Steve Sawyer said...

Funniest comment I've read so far today:

"I do have an opinion on interdimensionality. Interdimensionality rocks."

Right on, Brostow! Interdimensionality does rock!

Hey, ask Jacques Vallee -- he'll tell you the same thing!

Them rockin' interdimensional shadow people from the Altacama desert in particular! 8^}