High Strangeness: A Fabulous Success

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fabulous Success

Well, now that the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure has been declared "A Fabulous Success" and the mystery of "Ata," the Atacama Humanoid has been solved, there's not a whole bunch going on in UFO world.

Oh, I've been notified that my membership in MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network has been automatically renewed for a third year, and the $35 membership fee has been automatically withdrawn from my bank account. That's news, although I do wonder if signing up for automatic renewal was really a smart thing to do. I mean, they don't ask you how you feel about it; they just take your money and thank you for your continued involvement in MUFON. "We could not fulfill our mission without you," says the chirpy email from MUFON HQ, and I suppose it is nice for them to admit that I am irreplaceable.

Say goodbye to this little fella, 'cause I won't be writing about him again anytime soon. The "Atacama Humanoid" is in reality the "Atacama Human."
I have taken advantage of the post-Citizen Hearing, post "Ata" funk to tie up some loose ends... For one thing, I have received word from HQ that my latest case, as fascinating as it was, will not be investigated by the national investigators. It's something that happened 20 years ago when the witness was only 4 or 5 years old, so it's felt by the big bosses that there's not a whole lot more that we can learn. Still, I've encouraged the witness to keep on exploring this on her own, and to let me know if she recalls or experiences anything new, so there still may be more to the story.

I've also had to drop a bomb on the gentleman who recently gave me a scan of the strange "flying saucer crash" letter that had been sent to a member of his family back in 1952 by a friend in the Air Force. The letter told of a strange incident in which the Air Force guy was shown a captured flying saucer and some alien corpses, and it looked pretty convincing until I learned that the account was lifted nearly word-for-word from a 1950 book called "Behind the Flying Saucers." I passed that information on to the gentleman this afternoon, and am eagerly awaiting his reply. I hated to burst the bubble on such a treasured family mystery, but you know my dedication to the truth and all... Had to be done.

At the same time, there is still no word for this gentleman about the used motor oil we recovered from his SUV after his son's Close Encounter. I'm not sure what type of analysis is being done on the oil sample and oil filter at MUFON HQ, but it must be very scientific if it's taking this long.

The big news for me is that I have a publisher interested in my book about J. Allen Hynek! Yesterday I sent two sample chapters off to the publisher that had been recommended to me by my mentor at Hynek's Center for UFO Studies. and expected to wait a few days or weeks to hear back. Instead, I got a reply in 15 minutes saying:


I just took a quick glance at it all and I love it, love it, love it. It would be a pleasure to publish this book.  My editing would be very minor.  And "20 Percent" might work with a good subtitle. 

When do you expect to be finished?
I was, in truth, astonished, both by his praise and by the fact that he had responded in only 15 minutes. How much could he possibly have read??

I wrote back and asked him just that, and this is what he wrote back:


I've read so many manuscript in my time that I know if a person knows what they are doing by reading 2 pages. And you definitely know what you are doing. 

So, another "Fabulous Success" in UFO land! Maybe not as big as the Citizen Hearing, but pretty big to me!

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