High Strangeness: Holy Crap, Four More Days of This??

Monday, April 29, 2013

Holy Crap, Four More Days of This??

You know Albert Einstein's old joke about the definition of insanity?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Yeah, that one. I didn't know Einstein said it, either.

Anyway, it's become newly relevant to me today as I've watched and listened to the live stream of the "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure--Day One." All day long, hour after hour, UFO experts have been making prepared statements to former members of Congress, and then answering questions from said former Congresspeople in the hope that someone besides me is listening. I hope they are too, 'cause this whole thing is lost on me.

Basically, what you have is the same old UFO experts pushing the same old theories and citing the same old classified documents and making the same old accusations against the same old government and expecting things to turn out differently this time.

It ain't working.

And there are four more days of it!

Honestly, I did hold out some hope that there might be some worthwhile moments today -- and there almost was when one of the expert witnesses started talking about an alien propulsion system called "Electromagnetic Gravitics" as if it really existed -- but then the minute I heard the woman in the green beret (!) start talking earnestly about cattle mutilation I knew the whole thing was going to be hopeless. You want to be taken seriously? You don't lead off with cattle mutilations. Because here's the thing: in all the years that people have been theorizing that aliens from space have been mutilating our livestock (and inexplicably leaving the carcasses behind -- in much the same way that they put abductees' pajamas on backwards before dropping them off in the wrong beds) no one has ever been able to produce a scrap of evidence to support the theory. In the same vein, I don't care how many geezers you find who will swear that they held the strange "memory metal" from the crashed Roswell UFO in their own hands, if you can't show me the actual memory metal, just shut up.
If this is what one of the expert witnesses looks like after testifying, imagine the agony on my face after a day of this.
Not that I think that physical proof is necessary to make a convincing case -- for all I know, aliens are mutilating our cattle -- but after pushing these same arguments for years, these people should have had the smarts to bring something new to the table. Especially when it's a massive mahogany table meant to resemble those in a Congressional hearing room. But from what I've seen on Day One, not a single expert thought to freshen up his or her material.

And they haven't even gotten to the Atacama Humanoid yet. This going to be a long week...
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