High Strangeness: My First Hoax?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My First Hoax?

After having very little write about this week, I have suddenly been deluged with blockbusters: a potentially amazing interview for my J. Allen Hynek book; the first entry in the Name The Alien contest; a nerve-rattling journey along the creepiest road in our County; and now this... I got this strange and intriguing email today from my MUFON State Director. It was a copy of a letter she had just sent to a UFO witness, forwarded to me FYI:

Dear Hxxxxx:
Thank you for completing your sighting report.  If I'm understanding correctly, your sighting took place in 2011 when you were 8 so you're now 10.  In order to communicate further with you, I'd need to have your parent's permission and have them present when we talk on the phone. If you want me to send out a permission form to them, please send me their names and address.

Thank you for contacting MUFON.
Best regards,
MUFON WI State Director

Very odd indeed... As I said, it's been a quiet couple of days and I had no idea that I had any new cases before me. So I looked it up on the MUFON database and sure enough, there's a freshly-submitted report of a 2011 sighting attributed to a very young girl and her even younger brother. And because the sighting is alleged to have taken place a mere 10 miles from me, the case is mine!

Furthermore, Vxxxx has already done the basic footwork for me: she has found the names of a couple in a nearby town who could be the parents of said child, but there doesn't seem to be a number listed for them.

So, I am completely dependent on the little nipper getting her parents' permission to talk to me. If she can't, this will be one short investigation. Which would be a shame, because it's an interesting case, and reminds me a lot of my friend Jxxx's childhood UFO sighting with his sister...

If this is legit -- and I'm reserving judgement until I know more -- the little girl who filed the report is scary smart and self-possessed to an almost unbelievable degree. I would recount her written description, but I have something better. The girl drew a picture of the object she and her brother saw in the sky and submitted a video with her sighting report in which she explains in detail what you see in the picture she drew... 

It's kind of amazing... especially at the end when she says that "If you see something like this, especially in Wisconsin, report it." 

I really don't know whether it's for real or a very convincing put-up job, but I really hope this kid coughs up the parental permission so I can find out more. 

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