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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Strange Patterns

I have been woefully lax in my blogging lately, for a number of reasons, and I hate to say it but this week is not looking too promising, either. I love this blog like a brother, and I hate having to neglect it, but I assure you it's all been for good reasons.

This week's reason for my neglect is an especially good one. I am flying to Golden, Colorado this week for a job interview at the National Renewable Energy Lab, and I have a lot of prep work to do before leaving three days from now. That will leave me precious little time to write about my UFO work, but while I have a free moment tonight I'll give you a quick progress report.

Behold my new crib... The National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO.
The creepy UFO sighting investigation that I started a few weeks ago is still ongoing, and getting potentially creeper by the moment. I mean to say that the sighting is creepy, not my investigation. Anyway, I hope to interview the witness' girlfriend sometime this week, and then schedule a follow-up interview with the witness himself after I get back from Colorado. He wrote to me the other day and said, "I also may have some new info for you that may be of import. Bxxxxxx and I had some time to talk a bit and there are a few more things that I recall." Could this be the re-emergence of memories of nocturnal visitations by non-human entities that I've been tipped off about? We shall see...

I got a cryptic email the other day from Vxxxx, my State MUFON Director, telling me that she had received an interesting request about me from the staff member of a pretty famous UFO investigator and author... "Xxx said that Dxx would like your telephone no," Vxxxx said in her email. "Didn't say what it was about.  Do you want me to give it to him?  Dxx is a super guy and, as you most likely know, one of the world's foremost experts on Roswell.  Then if you can and have the desire to tell me what it's about, my curiosity is up."
So is mine, Vxxxx, so is mine.

So, in summation, I will attempt to get back on a more regular blogging schedule once my busy stuff comes to an end. At least I think I will... You see, I noticed something very curious when I checked my blog stats just now. It seems that all this time I haven't been blogging, my daily page views have gone up! 

How is this possible? The less I write, the more popular my blog becomes...? If I stop writing altogether, will my blog go viral? If I keep writing, will my readership take a nosedive? Why does everything in UFO world have to be so confounded opposite??

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