High Strangeness: Area 51 1/2 Revealed

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Area 51 1/2 Revealed

A while back I wrote about the old abandoned strategic bomber base not far from where I live that has long been rumored to be a secret Air Force test site, along the lines of Area 51 in Nevada. Even though there are no structures left on the surface and the whole place has been converted into a campground and recreation area, it still retains an aura of mystery, that I am happy to help perpetuate. And it's called "Bong."

So it came as a surprise and disappointment to get this comment from J. Jxxxx:

"There wasn't a lot to do growing up in Brighton Township. One hobby in my youth was studying, mapping and exploring the remnants of the former air base. I can say categorically that there's nothing covert going on at that property. Just some bored DNR wardens and wayward campers. All of the above ground structures form the air force base have long since been razed. Underground, it's just a bunch of storm sewers and heating plant tunnels eroding over time. They're creepy (off-limits to civilians and dangerous), but not nefarious. I had been asked to investigate a UFO sighting over the area back in the early 2000s. Near dusk, a strange light was seen bobbing over the park seemingly without sound and not moving like a conventional aircraft would. Turns out it was an ultralight aircraft. Some aviation enthusiast used the airstrip the DNR built atop the former main runway going out for a joyride near nightfall. Occam's razor, baby."

Occam's razor? Are you kidding me? If I went around all Occam's razor all the time, there'd be no point to being a UFO investigator! Then what would I do? Furthermore, if William of Ockham, he of the razor, had ever seen a UFO himself, he would have thrown his razor in the trash and sworn off philosophizing for good.

William of Ockham, part-time monk, full-time party-pooper.
Anyway, I wish Mr. J. Jxxxx would explain how, if the storm sewers and heating plant tunnels underneath Bong are "off-limits to civilians and dangerous," he knows they've been "eroding over time?" Either he's a military person with security clearance to access eroding Air Force tunnels or he's a trespasser, and I'd like to know which.

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