High Strangeness: Nocturnal Missions

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nocturnal Missions

Crazy stuff is going on... I have not yet submitted my official case report of the possible alien abduction occurrence I was assigned to investigate, but my MUFON State Director has already forwarded my preliminary report to the famous Kathy Marden, Director of MUFON's Abductions Research Team, and Kathy's preliminary response is a doozy...

Here's what I had to say in my email:

"I just interviewed the witness, and it's a pretty interesting case. The object that he saw doesn't seem to have been all that spectacular, but the physical effect aspect is amazing. You know how he had reported the sighting happening on Nov. 21? Well, he checked with HR at work to confirm the date he had called in sick, and it turned out it really happened on October 31st. He was three weeks off!

"His description of how he suddenly felt so fatigued and shaky is very interesting as well. It came over him so quickly that he wasn't able to think about what was happening at all. He just felt he had to get to bed NOW, so he did. That was maybe 7 pm. Next morning he couldn't even get out of bed until 11."

So, as I say, this email gets forwarded to Kathy Marden, and that's a big deal. Kathy is famous for being the niece of the most famous UFO abductees of all time, Betty and Barney Hill, and hats off to her for having the foresight and presence of mind to be their niece. I have heard her talk before, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to this most unusual of UFO topics. As such, I expected her reaction to this case to be reasoned, calm and rational.

Did my witness actually see this entity on a nocturnal visitation?
I don't know why I expected that, because she is, after all, part of MUFON, and so her actual response was pretty loopy:

Hi everyone,
Thanks for making me aware of this report. The distant light in the sky might be nothing more than a coincidence, but we'll know more about the answer to this question with the passage of time. If the witness begins to awaken with memories of nocturnal visitation by non-human entities, who take her to an alien environment, it might be an indicator that it was more than coincidence.
Best wishes,
MUFON Director of the Abduction Research Team. 

Gee... all my MUFON training tells me not to jump to unwarranted conclusions or project my own biases or expectations on a witness' testimony. Why doesn't the Director of the MUFON Alien Abductions Team have to follow the same rules? I mean, I kind of get where she's coming from: she expects my witness' experience to mirror that of her aunt and uncle. But as it stands there is absolutely no reason to believe that that will happen. As much as I would love to have a case involving nocturnal visitations by non-human entities taking the witness to an alien environment, I kind of think it's up to the witness to initiate that conversation.

So now I have to wonder what happens next. If Kathy gets interested in this case and decides to interview the witness, how can I be sure she won't try to influence his testimony, or even implant false memories? She just can't go there, but going by her letter she already has.

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Proper investigation makes it more likely that there will be facts to support what the person says.