High Strangeness: It's Just a Drone, People! -- Part III

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Just a Drone, People! -- Part III

If you read this blog regularly, then you know that I often break huge stories that are routinely ignored by the rest of the media, and, in truth, by the rest of the world. But just because a news item only matters to me, that doesn't mean it's not important news, and I am periodically reminded of that by one of my readers.

For example, consider this item about the UFO on the flatbed trailer that I first wrote about here, and then here, and then here, and then, finally, and tragically, here. I wrote about it four times and it never went anywhere! Here's the United States in December, 2011, being overrun by Peterbilts hauling UFO's down our highways, and I'm the only person paying attention! And the fools in Cowley County, KS, are duped into helping the trucks haul the UFOs through their town!

I had a lot of questions about these strange UFO shipments at the time, and my concerns are still valid: If the "drones" were being shipped from California to Maryland, why were the trucks only actually spied en route in Kansas? Why weren't the "drones" simply flown to Maryland instead of being shipped by truck? And why, oh why, was the "drone" four feet shorter when it arrived in Maryland than it was when spotted in Kansas?

Well, reader txxxxxxxxxxx has got my back. And even if she is ten months late that still means something. She writes: "I'd say the jury is still out whether there is something fishy or not- impossible to be sure since as JD said the perspective is different. But I can tell you that is not the same rig. Same brand, but the apparatus atop the rig is not the same. Period. They may have had to change to a fresh horse at some point though."

I'll tell you what txxxxxxxxxxx, it's weirder than you can even imagine. Just check out this sequence of photos again. You and I both could see that the "objects" in the two photos were dramatically different from each other...

You and I could both see that the "object" sighted in Kansas was much taller than the "object" sighted in Maryland...

But now look at how even more different the "drone" looked when it finally rolled into Pyongyang, North Korea:

 Who are they trying to kid??

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KHS said...

We needed a laugh tonight, Mark. Thank you.