High Strangeness: BIGELOW!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I love it when I get comments from "Anonymous." It means I don't have to redact the writer's name and that saves a lot of wear and tear on my 'x' key. More than that, it usually means that someone is about to dish some dirt on someone in the UFO world.

The other day I posted about my new instructions from my MUFON State Director to advertise for new Certified UFO Field Investigators on Craigslist, and today Mr./Mrs. Anonymous replied with a whole lotta dirt...

"The reason why no one wants to be an investigator is because they are allowed to subject you to a 'lifelong background check' anytime they want for whatever reason. There are also a few things to sign your life away on through MUFON. Everything changed once Bigelow decided to run things. It seems like MUFON answers to a higher board than the one we are all thinking actually does."

BIGELOW! I should have known.

This is opening an old wound... A few years back MUFON leadership entered into an agreement with a reclusive Las Vegas millionaire named Robert Bigelow in which Bigelow would fund a UFO SWAT team through MUFON, and in return MUFON would hand over any and all physical evidence found at the site of a UFO sighting to Bigelow. Apparently a lot of rank-and-file MUFON members were outraged at this, because it meant MUFON was selling out.

Let me illustrate: Say a spaceship from another world crash lands in your town, and you're the first MUFON Certified UFO Field Investigator to show up (this is every Certified UFO Field Investigator's dream, by the way). Now just when you're tossing the wreckage of the spaceship and the alien corpses into the back of your station wagon and getting ready to call Geraldo, along comes this Bigelow fellow, who takes the wreckage, the corpses, and your station wagon and spirits them off to Las Vegas. Is that fair? It doesn't matter, because your MUFON leaders agreed to let him take it all -- you've been sold out, Investigator!

This is a symbolic representation of what happened to the MUFON-Bigelow partnership, or so we are told. If the partnership broke up, why is Anonymous so angry??
But Anonymous has more to talk about than just Bigelow: "Besides, the membership to MUFON is a farse now!!" Anon. continues. "Since they recently changed all the nuts and bolts with the STAR team and the 'newsletter', membership is now non existent. When you "subscribe to the newsletter" it does not mean you are a member anymore. Clearly it points out that you are a MUFON "subscriber" !"

The comment goes on, but, honestly, at this point I have no idea what Anonymous is talking about. All I know is that BIGELOW is forcing me to advertise on Craigslist for new Certified UFO Field Investigators, and I hate him for that.

Meanwhile, here is the response I've gotten to my Craigslist ad: one person tried to hire me for a shady job that was just too complicated to explain in an email, and another person... well, see for yourself:

I am passionate about UFO and their occurrences,I always look in the sky whenever i get a chance and explore the mystery. I would consider my luck if i get a chance to work on UFO's

I request you to give me the opportunity to work on UFO in my free time


What the hell do I do with this? This is all Bigelow's doing!

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