High Strangeness: A Flash of Nothingness

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Flash of Nothingness

Tonight I started my investigation of Case #XXXXX, otherwise known as "The Big One." At approximately 7:40 p.m. I called the witness, a Mr. Sxxxxx, who lives about three hours north of me in Wxxxxx, WX, and identified myself as the Certified MUFON Field Investigator assigned to investigate his recent UFO sighting.

His reaction was unexpected. It took him a few moments to figure out what I was talking about, which surprised me. I figured this guy had been spending every evening for the past month waiting by the phone for someone to call him up to say they would be investigating his UFO sighting, but apparently not. He's got a life or something.

I felt kind of bad about his trepidation. Did he think I was one of the Men In Black, sent by unknown powers to ridicule and harass him? Did he think I was with The Government, sent by other unknown powers to ridicule and harass him? Did he think I was one of his neighbors, sent by still other unknown powers to ridicule and harass him? It was hard to say, but boy was he flustered.

I waited him out as he got his wits about him, and when he finally regained his composure he apologized and admitted that it had been a month since he reported his sighting, and he never really thought anyone from MUFON would call him back.

So I'm going to score big points on the MUFON customer service survey. I was the guy who called back! He was stunned.

Is this what a flash of nothingness looks like? Where does the nothingness come from? I there a nothing-verse existing alongside our something-verse?
It was obvious I wasn't going to get much out of him tonight, so we made an appointment to talk tomorrow night, when he had had a chance to get his thoughts together. But remember, this is the guy who, along with his wife, saw a black flash of nothingness in the sky after watching a horde of brightly-lit "satellites" shoot from one horizon to the other... so what does he have to get together, really?

Here's what I'm dying to find out: will the man's description of nothingness match in every detail his wife's description of nothingness? What if their descriptions don't jibe? If they only think they saw nothingness, does it count? If they're lying about seeing nothingness, is it really a lie? And, finally, do two nothings make a something?

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