High Strangeness: Is It My Breath?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Is It My Breath?

So today I went to the High Strangeness Facebook page to see how many of you have signed up for the big Million Intruder March that I have scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th in Rachel, NV, just outside Area 51. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was more than six, I'll tell you that.


Come on, folks, this is one simple thing you can do to force the U.S. Government to reveal what it has stashed away at Area 51, and to come clean about the whole dang UFO thing. You're going to sit there and let it not happen? Well, I guess that's your choice, but if you sit this out then don't let me hear you bellyaching about how the government won't come clean about UFOs.

The sign should read "No Trespassing -- Unless There Are a Million Of You"
The whole idea, as revealed to me quite unwittingly by UFO expert Richard Dolan, is that the Area 51 security guards will be completely helpless if one million of us show up at the main gate and march on in (I offered Dolan a chance to sponsor this, and I'm still waiting for a reply).

A million, yes, but six? You can see how six of us showing up at the gate would provoke a quick and fatal response from the guards. Even seven or eight would be chancy. I'd want at least twenty before I'd go in, but a million gives us that extra safety margin.

If we pulled it off, what might we find? Captured spaceships? Aliens (or possibly surgically-altered Russian teenagers)?? How can we not do this?

Sign up. Today. Now. You know this is on your bucket list.

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