High Strangeness: Ghost In The Machine

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ghost In The Machine

I was feeling pretty good about submitting my first two UFO sighting care reports, until I got an email from my State Director asking me to change my case disposition on of the cases!

Damn. I can't even file a simple report without my leader asking me to change stuff! I'm not sure if this qualifies as a blatant attempt to get me to falsify information, but on my case report concerning the mother and son who watched the two glowing white orbs from their balcony, she wants me to change my "Unknown - Other" disposition to "Unknown - UAV."

It may seem simple, even inconsequential to you, but you didn't spend half of the past year studying the most confusing field manual in human history to become a Certified UFO Field Investigator, did you? Well, I did, and I don't want to think that I put in all that hard work just so my boss could lean on me to change my findings when they don't suit her obviously political partisan personal agenda.

Let's look at the two classifications, shall we?

"Unknown - Other" is supposed to mean "various anomalous objects or effects, such as a 'luminescent, maneuvering, shape-changing' object," according to a secret MUFON Powerpoint presentation I found online. Considering the woman and her son had seen two luminescent maneuvering objects that changed from round to oval, I think "Unknown - Other" is a pretty damn good fit. But my Director says "My understanding is that the Other - Unknown is more for ghost-like events, etc." I could almost see her point if the witnesses had seen ghosts, but they hadn't. More to the point, I am not a ghost investigator. I am a UFO investigator. Ergo, the objects the witnesses saw in the sky were UFOs, not ghosts.

Ghost or UFO? Unfortunately, my UFO Field Investigator training has rendered me incapable of distinguishing between the two phenomenon.
"Unknown - UAV" refers to an "unidentified aerial vehicle," which is sort of a catch-all for any number of anomalous lights and objects. That same secret Powerpoint presentation explians that "UAV (Unknown Aerial Vehicle) means the UFO sort of, but doesn’t(!) resemble and behave like a conventional aircraft of some type." Which is really no help at all, upon reflection. Still, it was enough for me to dispose of my other case -- involving the two guys around the campfire who saw a triangle of lights zoom silently across the night sky -- as "Unknown - UAV." The witness even said he was pretty sure it was a secret military aircraft, for cripes' sake, so "Unknown - UAV" really hits the nail on the head, in my not-so-humble opinion.

So what do I do? I don't necessarily want to challenge my state director on this and start all sorts of stuff that could lead to power struggles and personal recriminations. But I do want to maintain some integrity here. So I've decided to write to the big guy, the International Director, to get some clarification. I trust this will settle thing, but if he comes back to me with some gobbledy-gook about "ghost-like events" I'll scream.

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