High Strangeness: Additional Training

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Additional Training

When I was notified on May 7th that I had passed the MUFON Certified Field Investigator Exam, I was told that: "There will be additional training in ethics, investigation platforms, Mufon’s Case Management System (CMS), and other subjects to complete your very basic training in the field investigation.  Learning will continue to e (sic) a necessary component of your relationship with Mufon as long as you maintain your association with us."

It's been two months now and I still have not heard one word about my "additional training." This is disappointing, because I'm all about the learning. Also, I'm curious to know what the "other subjects" are...

Witness a typical MUFON training seminar, in which newly-minted UFO Field Investigators receive "additional training" in "other subjects."

So today I wrote back to Mxxxx, the MUFON Field Investigator Administrator, and politely asked him when and how this training would take place. Seems to me that if learning will continue to be a necessary component of my relationship with MUFON, then MUFON had better get on the stick and start sending some training my way. I don't have all day, folks! 

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