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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drone Drone Drone


That's the word of the day here at highstrangenessufo.com, as I watch my pageviews rocket off the charts , largely because so many people are reading the post I wrote back in December about a mysterious flying-saucer-shaped cargo spied on a semi-trailer being hauled through a town in Kansas...

The authorities reassured everyone at the time that the flying-saucer-shaped object under the tarp was not a flying saucer at all; it was merely a flying-saucer-shaped military drone being shipped from where it was built in California to a military base in Maryland for testing. I had my doubts back then, when I realized that two different photos appearing in the press revealed two very different tarp-covered objects were being passed off as the same object, but nothing more ever appeared in the press about it and it was forgotten.

Why, then, would a few hundred people suddenly decide today to look up my blog and read a six-month old post? I've been wondering about it all day, and just figured it out.

It now looks as through that truck never made it to the military base back in December, and has been wandering the highways and byways of America ever since, a kind of a Flying Dutchman of the highway. Last night it was supposedly spotted in Washington, D.C., our nation's capitol.

Here's the "new" photo that's been making waves today:

Yep, that's definitely Washington, D.C. that truck is driving through.
Back in December, I wondered why a truck hauling such a strange cargo a full 3,000 miles from California to Maryland had only been noticed by a few people in Kansas, and it's still a fair question. Apparently the military is now saying that this is a second truck hauling a second drone, but again I ask: How did it get from California to Washington, D.C. without ever being noticed? The easy explanation is that they didn't go through Kansas this time, but that's a little too easy for me.

There are so many things wrong with this story it's hard to know where to begin, but I'll focus on this: If a company in California builds an experimental military drone that is so experimental that they have to truck it 3,000 miles to Maryland to test it, that implies that it is too dangerous to fly it 3,000 miles over the heads of millions of unsuspecting Americans, and that implies to me that it is not ready for its test flight. Put simply: an aircraft that has to be pulled around on a trailer to get from here to there does not, strictly speaking, qualify as an aircraft. But even if it is ready, why not test it in the skies over California, where they have vast, unpopulated deserts? Why test it in the skies over Maryland, where, let's face it, vast, unpopulated deserts are few and far between? The obvious answer is that Maryland does have a vast, unpopulated ocean nearby, but California has an ocean, too, and it's a little vaster than Maryland's.

This is a head-scratcher, all right. All I can think to do is continually do web searches for "drone" all day and every day -- and I suggest you do the same -- until we solve this mystery, and until my page counts hit six or seven digits. Only then can we be truly safe.


Anonymous said...

It's a real UFO. As Robert Downey Jr says (roughly)in Sherlock Holmes: what's obviously overt is covert. Disappeared? The UFO took off with the truch stuck to it!

You're a funny man, Mark!

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thank you for your kind and insightful comments, Anonymous!