High Strangeness: Missing The Boat

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Missing The Boat

I thought it was the perfect photo for an ID badge...

I was wearing my new suit and looking all Agent K when the picture was taken, and it seemed appropriate for a MUFON ID badge, so I sent it to International HQ.

They were not amused:
Dear Mark;

We have received your photo for the Field Investigators ID card. However, it is unusable.

These ID cards are for the purpose of identification. Therefore, photos with sunglasses are not acceptable.

Please submit a photo without the sunglasses. Once received we can issue your card.


First of all, how does "MUFON HQ" sign its own letters? Second of all, they are completely missing the boat. If my ID badge has a picture of me without sunglasses and I show up at an incident site with sunglasses, there will be utter confusion. I don't see how this can possibly work.

I will just have to hope that the witnesses I interview score extremely low on the Ballaster-Guasp Evaluation (BGE). This is something I studied up on for the MUFON Field Investigator Examination, but the significance of it didn't really sink in until I got my first case assignment and was told by my State MUFON Director that I will "need his age, education level and profession for the BGE (Ballaster-Guasp Evaluation) that sets a value for his credibility."

Does that seem a little creepy? It does, doesn't it? I will try to keep an open mind, but I am not altogether comfortable with judging a person's credibility on the basis of his or her education and profession. I would much rather be free to judge their credibility on the basis of the first thing that pops into my head, but rules is rules...


Anonymous said...

I have transition lenses and I took my picture outside right before they got realy dark. nananabobo

Unknown said...

Love it! I think they should have let you keep the glasses!