High Strangeness: I Must Be Doing Something Right

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Usually I don't bother to blog much on a three-day summer holiday weekend. People have much more important and fun things to do on Memorial Day weekend than to read about UFOs. Like watching 72 hours of non-stop war movies on AMC, stuff like that.

But today something notable happened: my blog went over 10,000 page counts! If I had a dollar for every page view my blog has gotten, I would have... let's see... Holy crap, I would have $10,000!

But even though I don't actually get a dollar for every page view, I do get a dollar's worth of pride and satisfaction from every page view, and I thank all you page viewers out there for that gift.

I know there are many other pages you could be viewing, but you chose to view mine, and that means a lot. And, from now on, if you could send me a dollar every time you view one of my pages, it would mean so much more.

If page views were money...

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