High Strangeness: Aliens and Children

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aliens and Children

Looking at all these artist's representations of alien entities the past few days got me wondering what other alien entity art might be out there. I figure if I'm going to be encouraging alien contactees to draw pictures of the entities they encountered, I'm not going to let them just dash off some sloppy sketch. If I stand for anything, I stand for artistic merit, and so I'm going to want my witnesses to aim high and really produce something substantial, something that could be hung in the Louvre if the Louvre ever did an exhibit of alien entity depictions. Which they should.

So I went looking for inspiration, but what I found was quite different from what I expected...

This is a depiction of some alien entities abducting a child named Ariel and taking her somewhere in their spaceship.

Next is Ariel with a girl friend and some alien boys.

Below is William on a table being examined by an alien.

These drawings are part of a gallery of similar images on a striking website called simply Aliens and Children, and I don't know quite how to take it all in... According to the website, children are abducted by aliens all the time, and it's not uncommon for kids to draw pictures of their experiences. But can this really be real??

The guy who put the site together lets the images speak for themselves; the drawings are presented without any commentary or analysis, which I find strangely compelling.

On the other hand, this same guy also goes on to devote a big part of the site to describing "thought screen helmets," his invention that prevents aliens from probing your brain and apparently makes you immune from abduction. It's true -- and only two failures have been reported since 1998! All well and good, but to be completely safe you have to wear the thought screen helmet pretty much for the rest of your life, and if this cute girl can't pull it off, I don't see what hope the rest of us have.

But back to those kids' drawings of their alien abductions... They're adorable... yet creepy. Fanciful... yet terrifying. What is happening to our children???

This can't possibly be real... can it?


Michael Menkin said...

The drawings are real. They have no comments because I was working full time and also making thought screen helmets for abductees. I'm still making thought screen helmets and sending them to people for free. I have added information to the site linking the epidemic of autism to alien abductions. Now that I am retired I may label each drawing later on this year.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Thanks for the comment, Michael! You are doing interesting work. I'd love to know how you got started with this...