High Strangeness: UFOs Will Be People

Thursday, March 15, 2012

UFOs Will Be People

A lot of people hate renewable energy. It's too clean. It's too weird. It needs government subsidies to prop it up. I hear this kind of ignorant talk all the time because I work in the alternative fuels world when I'm not chasing UFOs. There's not much you can do about it. People will be people. But now it turns out UFOs will be people, too.

My boss sent me this tantalizing headline today from Renewable Energy Magazine: "Why aren't UFOs drawn to renewable energy sites? Or are they?" I was floored...

The reporter, Dan McCue, takes up as his central premise the fact that UFOs have often been sighted in the vicinity of nuclear power plants and oil rigs and even volcanoes, but are never sighted near solar power arrays or wind farms... Why? Do they hate renewables, too?

That wouldn't make much sense. For a UFO to travel from wherever it came from to get here and then travel back, assuming it did come from somewhere and did have somewhere to go back to, it would probably need to harness some sort of renewable energy source. In fact, a UFOs relationship to its energy source could go so far beyond our quaint notions of energy consumption and transformation that law of conservation of energy may not even apply anymore. In other words, a UFO may not so much consume energy as it does breathe energy, or skate along on energy, or think energy.

Still, hats to off to journalist McCue and his pursuit of such an intriguing question. As he says early on in the article, whether you "believe" in UFOs or not, "they are a fixture of pop culture and popular culture often provides the spark for flights of imagination and future innovation in technology, not to mention future careers in engineering and science.

"And besides, speculation is fun."

Amen to that, brother.

So, why do we never hear of UFOs hovering menacingly over algae ponds or methane digesters or Ed Begley, Jr's house? Physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman offers this possibility in the article: "Earthlings have exploded 2000 nuclear weapons," he said. "That might be of concern to alien visitors."

Touche Stanton!

You think Ed Begley, Jr. is going to take an alien invasion lying down? Not on your life.
So, it seems to me that all we have to do is start setting off wind bombs and solar bombs and then the UFOs will stop paying so much attention to our nuclear power plants and oil refineries and start noticing our fine work in developing renewable energy sources. On the other hand, the current state of affairs does suggest a pretty smart strategy for those of us seeking out UFO encounters: do not hang around the local biodiesel plant and you will surely see a UFO.

See? Isn't speculation fun?

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