High Strangeness: White as a Sheet

Monday, February 27, 2012

White as a Sheet

Today I checked the latest UFO sighting reports on ufostalker.com, and doggone it did I come up with a winner. I am still watching for reports that have just come in regarding old sightings from the '70s and '60s,and this report from the late 1960s caught my eye.

The sighting took place in Hamburg, PA, in August, 1968. The report is remarkable for recounting a near face-to-face encounter with UFO occupants, but more amazing than that is the fact that the account seems to contain a code. See if you can spot it:

"It was a summer evening. I was standing alone by the backdoor of our home," the report begins. "I did not see or hear anything but suddenly to my right side field of vision was a large silver football shaped craft. It appeared to be revolving/spinning but it remained stationary. The surface was sparkling. There was a green light under the craft at the front. The other end had a red light.

"There was a rectangular window where I saw 3 bright blue entities from the waist up. They had the features of a 'grey.' We observed each other in silence for about 3 minutes. No one moved. I was afraid to move. 

"The craft then silently rose vertically, then horizontally toward the Blue Mountains and disappeared in a matter of seconds. I ran inside to tell my mother. She said I 'was as white as a sheet.'"

Did you catch the code? Here it is: sparkling silver, green, red, bright blue, grey, blue, white. Surely, that can't be a coincidence. But what could it mean? If you take the first letter from each color name, you get "SSGRBBGBW." The name of a planet? If so, why no vowels?

What is the message? I feel so close to solving this! It could explain everything!

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