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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

UFO Letters

I get letters. A few weeks back, I received a very charming email from a UFO buff named Cristi in Romania. After apologizing (unnecessarily) for her English, she invited me to subscribe to her YouTube channel, which I did, and then she started asking me about the MUFON Field Investigator Exam.

Cristi was particularly worried about Question #5. She found the answer choices confusing...

#5 - UFO sightings can be reported by:
a) calling local your local newspaper
b) the MUFON hotline 888-817-UFOS

c) www.mufon.com/reporttufo.htm
d) all of the above
Answer A was confusing because of the phrasing: "local your local paper"
Answer B was confusing because 888-817-UFOS is in fact not the MUFON hotline number (although it is cool that it spells "UFOS")
Answer C was confusing because the URL was spelled wrong (extra "t" in "reportt")
Answer D was confusing because all of the above were confusing
Poor Cristi. She asked me if I thought MUFON deliberately messed up the answers to test her English or her sense of observation. I told her no, I think they just messed up the answers because that's what they do. Really, if you write an open book exam, can't you take a moment to check the book yourself, to make sure your answer choices actually jibe with the information in the book?

Well, Cristi wrote again yesterday to say that she agrees with me, and to ask for help with Questions #74 and 75. This will be tricky, because she is much farther through the Manual than I am, so anything I would answer would be pure guesswork. Which, come to think of it, is probably good enough to get an A+ on this exam.

I'm excited about chatting with Cristi more, because she's got some cool videos on her YouTube channel, but especially because she turns out to have a special interest in "organic UFOs," which I find intriguing. This could be the dawn of a bold new age of joint American-Romanian UFO research, or ARUFOR.

Cristi, if you're reading this, it could be a while before I reach the sections pertaining to questions #74 and 75, but I'll do my best to catch up with you. I was going through the Manual pretty slowly to begin with, but my wife and I were in a car accident a few days ago, and although we're both mostly ok, it has slowed life down considerably.

More to come...

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