High Strangeness: UFO Shot Down Over Florida!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

UFO Shot Down Over Florida!

Maybe this kind of thing happens a lot in Florida. How else can you explain the fact that a UFO was apparently shot down near Pensacola, Florida this past October 23rd and nobody is talking about it?

Today I got a tweet from UFOupdates that alerted me to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a gentleman who seems to know an awful lot about this incident. He suggests that U.S.A.F. fighters were deployed from air bases in the Pensacola area to intercept a UFO, and that at least one of these interceptors "fired upon the low-flying interloper, causing a fiery explosion over the Gulf of Mexico."

Have you seen this plane?
 I have no idea if any of my readers live near Pensacola, or were visiting that area this past October 23rd, or are fighter pilots, or all three, but if you are, and if you filmed the fiery explosion, I ask you to please send your footage to me first. And, government, if you know anything about this, I demand you disclose it now.

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