High Strangeness: Lucky Point, Indiana

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lucky Point, Indiana

Yesterday I attended my first MUFON meeting, and it was good.

It was a meeting of the Chicago MUFON group, scheduled to run from 10 am to 4:30 pm (with a Pizza Party Plus lunch!) at the public library in Orland Park, a southern suburb of Chicago. I didn't arrive until noon and even at that it was an endurance run. Still, the people were friendly and engaging, the Chicago MUFON director was very welcoming and funny, the presenters were interesting, and the pizza was good and greasy; what more could you ask for?

I'll have a whole lot to report about the meeting, but first I have to relate the best creepy story of the day, told by a friendly truck driver from Indiana during the pizza party (plus). The trucker, whom I will refer to as "the trucker," was proudly showing off his new night-vision camera to some of us at the lunch table. He explained that he got the tiny camera from Amazon for $110, and showed us how you could switch from normal mode to infra-red night vision mode at the flip of a switch. Naturally, we all wanted to know what he's been taking pictures of, but when we pressed him he sheepishly said, "Well... I'm scared." "Scared of what?" we all asked.

"I'm scared to use it after that first time."

Well, there was no way in Dulce, New Mexico he was not going to tell the story after that. We all demanded to hear, and after getting his wife's okay, the trucker told the story of the first time he ever used his infra-red camera...

Last April, he was visiting a place called Lucky Point, Indiana, which is, apparently, a well-known site of paranormal activity and UFO encounters. It was daytime, and he had the camera on the night vision setting, to see how it would affect daylight photography. He took his time snapping a whole bunch of photos of the woods, stream and cornfields around the point, then turned the camera off, slipped it into his breast pocket and hiked back to his car.

Lucky Point, Indiana looks pretty peaceful and innocent here. Don't be fooled.

Here's where it gets creepy... When he got back to his car, he suddenly had an unsettling sensation that someone was standing right next to him, even though he was all alone. He phoned his wife, just to hear a familiar voice, and as they were talking, his camera turned itself on and "freaked out."

Freaked out? What does that mean when a camera freaks out??

"It turned itself on," the trucker explained, "and it was deleting the pictures."

The wife verified that she could hear the camera clicking and beeping like crazy over the phone, and the trucker looked at us all with an ashen face and simply nodded in silence. What more could he say?

He has no idea how many photos were deleted, because he really hadn't been keeping track of how many he took in the first place. In a final weird twist, the demon -- I just made the executive decision to call it a demon -- left a few pics on the camera... How the hell do you figure that?

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Tracey said...

Lucky Point is one of the strangest places you will ever visit anywhere. Been going there for 13 years. Taped a UFO out there that interacted with us, that's on my Youtube channel and pretty sure we dealt with a Bigfoot out there. Worth researching!