High Strangeness: Just Be Yourself!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Be Yourself!

That's the advice of the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual for how to conduct myself in a media interview. "Just be yourself," the Manual says. "Don't attempt to change your voice, play-act or try to imitate someone else. You have done very well in life as the person you are." I'm glad someone feels that way.

It also says not to slouch.

But that's not the most charming part. Not even close. Under the heading of "Handling the Press," for instance, I am told that I should refer to the interviewer by his or her name whenever it feels comfortable. "But don't overdo it," the Manual tells me. "Use Mr., Miss, or Mrs. unless the interviewer asks you to use their first name such as "Oprah," "Geraldo," "Sally," "Montel," "Phil," etc. as examples." Hey, MUFON, I think you forgot "Johnny."

Want more charm? Just go to the next page, where you will find tips for how to liven up a television interview using props: "You may want to suggest visual aids that would help the quality of the program such as appropriate books, UFO publications, alien busts or possibly UFO models."

Because nothing livens up an interview like an alien bust. Really, what better way to be taken seriously?

Would you believe I'm only 37 pages into the 260 page Manual? God help me.

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