High Strangeness: Damn You, Mothman!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Damn You, Mothman!

Cripes, just when I thought I could take a day or two off and revel in my newfound public radio minor-celebrityhood, that darned Mothman has to reappear and here I am blogging again... Thanks MM.

I have never seen "Wayne's World." I guess this was in it.

This time the great winged one (that's pronounced "WING-ed") has been spotted in the skies above Chicago. The sighting took place last September 22nd, as an unidentified jokester was taking a photo of this odd American Indian statue on a building in Chicago because it was featured in the film "Wayne's World," and because from this angle it looks like his fly is undone and his, er... peace pipe is exposed.

Believe me, I wish I was making this up.

Anyway, if you take a closer look at the photo, you can see a dark object in the sky to the left of the statue, and it's beginning to take on some kind of form... 

Please ignore the statue's pants.

When that part of the photo is magnified, you see... Mothman! 

You might be tempted to dismiss this as a hoax or an optical illusion, except for the fact that on September 30th, just a few nights after this photo was taken, some University of Illinois at Chicago students reported a terrifying encounter with... Mothman!

Two UIC students spotted a 7 foot-tall winged (WING-ed, remember?) creature perched on a basketball hoop at a local park, and then saw it streak off into the sky with an audible WHOOSH! Moments later, they arrived at their girlfriends' apartment to find them both in hysterics, because both women had seen a pair of burning orange eyes peering at them through the windows...

Still up on that fencepost? Chew on this: some time after the college students had the basketball hoop/eyes in the window encounter, another group of UIC students reported seeing a large, terrifying batlike creature with glowing orange eyes flying 10 or 12 feet overhead. One witness who hailed from Tasmania described the creature as looking like "an immensely oversized sugar glider." I was curious; I had never in all my years heard of a beast called a "sugar glider," so I did an image search and found this:

And this...
And this...

Hey, Tasmanian guy: you are the worst Mothman witness ever.


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