High Strangeness: Burlington Vortex UFO Revisited

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burlington Vortex UFO Revisited

It's been over two months since the spectacular Burlington Vortex UFO sighting, and I was beginning to wonder whether the world had forgotten...

I shouldn't have worried, though. Not only has my video of the event gotten over 463 views since I posted it (that's practically viral in my world!), but I just got a corroborating account from one of the other witnesses that night. Yes, another member of the Haunted Woods Tour has bravely come forward with an account of what we saw that night:

"The experience was very interesting and unique. I've been on the tour once before, and had never experienced that. I recall standing in the woods that night and suddenly there was commotion about a red light moving across the sky. When I finally saw it (trees were blocking my view at first), it moved at a fast pace, then just flickered out, the light kind of like how a candle would just flicker and blow out in a 'scary' movie. While we were all looking at the sky, another red ball appeared, again moving fast across the sky. And again, after a minute or so maybe, it flickered out just the same as the first UFO did. We could definitely rule out that this was not an airplane, helicoptor (sic) or something of the like. It was just a ball of red/reddish orange, but moving fast so as not to be interpreted as perhaps a Mars sighting or even a shooting star. The experience affected me by changing my thinking about the 'classic' UFO look, some with three lights in a triangular pattern. It definitely makes me wonder what happened that night."

This account matches my own in pretty much every detail, although this person seems to remember the orange lights moving faster than I recall. I'll chalk that up to the fact that the orange objects were moving towards us, not laterally across the sky, so it was hard to say just how far they traveled in the short time we saw them. I will be forwarding this account on to the Wisconsin State MUFON Director, and I will continue to report on where this investigation leads.

Speaking of investigations, I started passing out my new "Rogue Investigator" cards when we went out with friends for New Years Eve, so I expect the calls and emails to start flooding in any day now...

Be sure to check back here often in 2012. It should be an interesting time.

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