High Strangeness: Betrayed!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This just burns...

A few months back, I submitted my list of Ten Things You Should Do When You See A UFO to Cliff Clift, International Director of MUFON, for publication in his organization's monthly Journal. Mr. Clift told me he enjoyed my list and wanted to publish it in the January issue of the Journal. All he had to do was secure the permission of his Board of Directors and it would be a done deal.

I was thrilled and flattered that Mr. Clift liked my list enough to want to share it with MUFON's membership, especially since I had written it in protest of MUFON's official list of what to do when you see a UFO. I thought their 17 year-old list was a bit on the dry side and needed some updating, and I thought Mr. Clift agreed that my list would make a nice counterpoint.

Today I heard from the new editor of the MUFON Journal that, while he thinks my list is funny, he is going to pass on publishing it, at least for now. He is afraid that people will read my list and take it seriously. By his reasoning, if enough people started to follow my recommendations when they see a UFO, they would forget to do all the really important things that MUFON wants them to do when they see a UFO, and that would be bad.

For instance, if they followed my #1 tip to Enjoy The Experience, they might not bother to consider MUFON's directive to hold an aspirin tablet up at arm's length and compare the size of the UFO to the tablet. Or if they followed my advice to Offer A Bottle Of Orange Soda Pop To An Alien, they might forget MUFON's orders to take evasive action and remain hidden from the alien. So, yes, if MUFON Journal readers took my list seriously, I suppose all sorts of bad things could happen.

In a way, it's tremendously flattering that he thinks people would follow my advice over his own. If you want to know the truth, I think he's terrified. Deep down inside his heart of hearts he must know that every member of his organization is waiting patiently for someone to tell them to do something that differs wildly from the MUFON orthodoxy, and he will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening, because he knows they will do it!

Then after all that, the editor said he doesn't want me to think that MUFON doesn't have a sense of humor, because they do.

I'll just let that hang there.

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