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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Like It Was In Trouble

Normally, I would be eating dinner right about now, but my daughter Cxxxx is in the kitchen with her friends Fxxxx and Axxxxxx making Christmas cookies, so dinner isn't going to happen for a while... Why not keep blogging, especially since I have all these new visitors from Flakphoto.com

Christmas cookies

I recently blogged about the curious fact that MUFON has been deluged with reports of UFO sightings from 1960 to 1990 ("Total Recall," 12/1/2011), and they can't explain why all these people are just now reporting sightings and encounters that took place so long ago. I think this is worth looking into. I had intended to go looking for some of these reports, to see what I could discover, and then one was Tweeted to me, and it was so poignant that I had to comment on it.

This event took place on September 22, 1986, in Jasper, Georgia, and it involves an 11 year-old kid. What's amazing, and even touching, is how this person, 25 years later, still relates the events on such an emotional level...

"I was 11 years old in the bed fixing to get up to go to school. My mom woke me up all upset saying she dreamed of a tornado. She woke up and looked outside and saw a UFO. She said it was low on the ground making a beeping noise like it was in trouble and changed colors. Suddenly it took off. I laughed at her and said, "yeah right". I got up and looked out the window. It was back! I saw it too! My body was in complete shock and couldn't move. I saw that it was about 3 feet hovering above the ground, and it looked like a triangular shape. It was a solid white color for a few seconds. It didn't make a noise when I saw it. It was next to our big tree and mail box about 3 feet above ground on our dirt/gravel road (back then it was very remote). Then it changed colors from white to red or red to white and took off and dissappeared within a second!"

I love it when people are "fixin'" to do things, instead of actually just doing them. It's such a luxury to have that indefinite intermediate step between deciding to so something and then doing something. It seems like you can put off doing something forever if you're always "fixin'" to do it, but apparently only people in the South get this extra step.

But I digress. The kid did get up, but not to go to school. What kind of a special day is it when your mom wakes you up to see a UFO in the yard? Especially a UFO that's beeping "like it was in trouble?" You get the feeling that the kid's about to tug on mom's sleeve and say, "It's hurt! Can we keep it, ma? Can we?"

Then the report continues, and you begin to fully appreciate this kid's mettle :

"I got the courage to go outside to try and find evidence. I couldn't find anything and went back in the house. I know it had to be something (either something from the government, a real UFO, time travelers, or who knows). I still think about it till this day. I'm 100% sure it wasn't an airplane, and I didn't see this in the air. Also this UFO was not that big and could almost fit in my dining room. I didn't hear a sound with it which doesn't make sense because it should have broken the sound barrier when it disappeared. Till this day, I have never seen a UFO since then, and I still think about it. Also why did it come back when mom said it left? I feel that it wanted me to see it. I really want answers."

What a great kid! Can you doubt this story for one second? Sure, there are inconsistencies -- Did it change from red to white or white to red? Did it beep or was it silent? After 25 years, I'm not so sure it matters. All I know is, I'm fixin' to eat some Christmas cookies and give this some more thought...

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