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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jung at Heart

I've always been interested in the work of Carl Jung (1875-1961), in part because Jung was strangely interested in UFOs. It was part of his work with archetypes and the collective unconscious. He even wrote a book called "Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen In The Skies."

Jung saw the classic circular "flying saucer" as a modern manifestation of the mandala, the sacred circle of Hinduism and Buddhism, and a representation of wholeness and unity. When someone had an encounter with a UFO, Jung thought, he or she was really having an encounter with his or her own desire to be "whole."

I can buy that. I like thinking that UFOs are spaceships from distant galaxies, but it makes just as much sense to me that UFOs may be psychic representations of our most basic hopes and needs.

But here's what's bothering me: more and more I'm reading reports from people who have seen triangular UFOs... It's practically an epidemic.

Triangular UFO. What would Jung think?

If circular flying saucers represent wholeness and oneness, what do triangular UFOs represent? Any guesses?

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Viviane Vives said...

I don;t know but I kept drawing these in my notebooks for a couple of years, and I don't really usually draw anything!