High Strangeness: It's Just a Drone, People! -- Part II

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Just a Drone, People! -- Part II

I'm not sure if I can believe my eyes... I keep looking at the two pictures I just posted ("It's Just a Drone, People!" 12/29/2011), and I'm kind of freaked out.

Look at the pics again. The first was taken of the drone-hauling truck on December 12, as it passed through Cowley County, KS. The second was allegedly taken on December 20, as that same drone-hauling truck was approaching its drop-off point at Patuxent River Navy Air Station in Maryland.

At first, every thing looks exactly the same between the two pictures: same truck, same cargo. But if you take another look, you see that the "drone" in the second picture is about 4 feet shorter than the "drone" in the first pic...


In the top pic, the top of the "drone" is easily 4 feet higher then the roof of the truck, just about matching the height of the truck's vertical exhausts. When it arrives in Maryland, however, in the bottom pic, the top of the "drone" just barely comes up to the roof of the cab!

They switched cargoes on us! 
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