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Monday, October 17, 2011

Strange Markings

In a recent post, I wrote a brief description of the Roswell incident ("The Roswell Challenge," 10/13/11), in which a New Mexico rancher found the wreckage of a flying saucer on his property and then the Air Force engaged in a coverup so inept that ever since then any time the Air Force has anything to say about UFOs everyone takes it for granted that they are lying. One intriguing detail of the story involves the wreckage itself, and the strange symbols that were imprinted on the strange metal...

I think I have it figured out. I recently acquired a QR code for my Lone Wolf UFO Field Investigator undertaking, and here it is:

I have no idea how it works. Am I supposed to squint at it? Do I hold it up to the mirror? I think I can see Abraham Lincoln's face in there somewhere, but it comes and goes. All I know is that when I scan it with my smart phone it takes me to... here! Suddenly my blog appears on my phone: same words, same pictures, only smaller and somehow not quite as funny.

Still, I think this is how you get your name out in the UFO biz. As I go forward, I can incorporate this symbol on my letterhead, on my official MUFON I.D. Card, on the doors of my UFO chase vehicle, and on any printed material that I may produce, and anyone who sees it and scans it will led inexorably to my domain: highstrangenessufo.com. I think this is what the Roswell aliens were up to with their funny symbols: branding.

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