High Strangeness: The Power of the Vortex

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Power of the Vortex

The power of the Vortex is real. I know this now, for a fact.

No sooner had I settled on Saturday as the day I would attend this weekend's Burlington Vortex Conference than a staff photographer from Milwaukee Magazine emailed to let me know that he had been assigned to take photos for my story, but that he could only do it on Thursday or Friday. Of course it doesn't matter if we're not there the same day -- through the power of print media we can easily fool readers into believing that the pictures were taken on the very same day that I wrote the story -- but it would have been cool to actually work with the photographer.

But the photographer wanted to coordinate with Bxxx and Mxxx, the folks who run the Conference and own The Sci-Fi Cafe, so I offered to stop in at the Skiffy today and clear the landing pad for his arrival, so to speak. To tell the truth, I wasn't in the best frame of mind to be paying calls; I hadn't slept well last night and was feeling a little stress over a big new writing gig I had just accepted, and really just wanted to go home, pour myself a drink, sack out on the sofa and watch some crazy-ass cable show about wild animal hoarders.

When I got to the Cafe, I found Bxxx and Mxxx getting ready for the big event. I introduced myself and told them that I was going to attend the conference and write a story about it for the magazine. I expected them to be a little bit guarded, and for a moment or two that seemed to be the case. But when Mxxx asked me, "What do you write?" I played my ultimate science-fiction trump card: I told her I had written some Star Trek episodes a few years back. Magic. I was greeted as a friend and fellow-traveler and invited into the Inner Sanctum.

Before I knew it, Mxxx was showing me photos of strange and wonderful energy fields she has witnessed at the actual Vortex and explaining what this "language of light" was telling her. And a guest author backed her up with an explanation of how this language is reflected in "The Golden Ratio," the study of which happens to be one of secret nerdy pleasures... It was a lot of information for my tired brain to process, but it was a fun conversation and Mxxx's pictures were pretty striking, and pretty hard to explain.

It proved to be a challenge getting out of there. I'm pretty sure Mxxx and her author friend would have happily kept me there for hours telling me stories of their encounters with the unknown, but I had to excuse myself and leave. I was tired, and wanted to save some stories for Saturday.

But a few minutes later, as I headed out of town, I realized that I no longer felt tired. In fact, I felt strangely refreshed, as though I had just awakened from a long nap. It was a strange, warm energy, and even though it didn't seem to come from anywhere, I knew where it came from.

The power of the Vorex is real. I know this now, for a fact.

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