High Strangeness: The August Flap

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The August Flap

I have written extensively about my UFO sighting this past August, an experience I shared with my wife and daughter, but I didn't know until tonight that our sighting was part of a flap... What's a flap? A flap is a concentrated group of UFO sightings taking place in a short time frame.

According to MUFON's records, there were twice as many UFO sightings reported this past August than the monthly average for 2011. MUFON's monthly average is about 500 sightings, but in August they got 1,000 panicked phone calls. The question is, why?

In a recent interview, MUFON's International Director (and my new e-mail pal), Clifford Clift, hypothesized that there were more sightings this August because there were so many alien invasion movies in theaters this summer. He could be right. This past August, millions of Americans went to see "Super 8," "Cowboys & Aliens" and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" in theaters, and it is possible that they all started watching the skies as a result. But a look at the box office records on IMDBPro shows that at least as many moviegoers were also going to see "The Help" and "The Smurfs," two movies bravely dealing with how people with different skin color get along, and I don't recall that race relations improved in any way in August... So, I'd say the jury is out on the Hollywood connection.

I have a theory that, I think, makes a little more sense. I started writing this blog on July 20th, and a mere twelve days later August happened. And with August came the August flap, of which my sighting was a part. Could it be any more clear that this blog has caused a 100% increase in UFO sightings? And how strange is it that my wife, my daughter and I were part of that phenomenon? It almost seems as though we saw that UFO because I started writing this blog...

High strangeness, indeed.

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