High Strangeness: They Will Not Leave Me Alone

Monday, September 26, 2011

They Will Not Leave Me Alone

I took the weekend off from blogging, because I just wanted to spend a couple days having fun with my wife and daughter and not thinking about UFOs. This was the weekend of a city-wide rummage sale, so my wife and I took off on our bikes Saturday afternoon to see if we could find any buried treasure...

We came up empty-handed, but for one small item. Because I am apparently not allowed to take a weekend off, I found an old paperback about UFOs, circa 1977, on sale for only 25 cents. What could I do? I borrowed a dollar from my wife and bought it.

Over the remainder of the weekend I read the first couple chapters of the book, and I'm not going to say much about it because it's pretty badly written and hard to read. The author is not a writer, but is someone who had done "serious UFO research" for many years leading up to writing this book, and so had a certain air of "insider" authority. The author's message, hammered home over and over again, was that we are on the verge of experiencing "The Big One." All evidence points to an imminent revelation, the author insisted: the Air Force is going to be forced to admit to everything it knows, and we will all soon know The Truth.

That was written in 1977. Fast-forward to 2011: thirty-four years later, the UFO experts are still saying the same thing.

I may be new to this game, but even I can see that when you lock yourself into a proposition that has been proven to be untrue for 34 years and counting, you may need a weekend retreat of your own.

First, I have a message to the Air Force: good job, Air Force! You have kept our country safe from objects that can outrun and outmaneuver every new generation of fighter plane that you can develop. At the same time, you have been able to seize alien spacecraft and shrunken little green man corpses by the dozens and keep them locked away in secret vaults and hangars for decades. As I write this, your top Generals are probably sitting down for their weekly meeting with the Council of Elders from Alpha Centauri to plan this week's diversionary measures.

And now a message to the aliens: good job, aliens! You can keep this up forever, can't you?

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