High Strangeness: One Lost Night

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Lost Night

For us, it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that we never found...

Okay, that's not how it began. I swiped that line from the opening narration to the old alien invasion TV series, "The Invaders." But it's darn close to what happened to my wife, my daughter and me one night last month. We were on a country road. It wasn't very lonely, though.

We were driving home just after dusk on a well-traveled state highway, in the country, on a route that we have all taken countless times. If anything appears out of the ordinary along that route, someone's going to notice it. And we did.

The three of us all wrote down our personal accounts of the incident, which I have faithfully reproduced here in earlier blog entries, but I decided that I couldn't really call it an investigation if I didn't do some investigating. So last week I sat down with the two other witnesses to question them about what happened that night. To show what a good investigator I am, I questioned them on different nights, at different locations, wearing different clothes and using different pencils.

The first thing I noticed during both interviews was that there was a lot of giggling. I'm not sure, but I don't think much giggling is supposed to be allowed in an official MUFON interview. So I have some work to do there. But I was able to print out some official MUFON interview forms, so I knew just what to ask once the giggling died down. Here then, is the testimony of the witnesses in what I call "Case #001," or "The Big One."

Me: "Please describe what you saw."
My Daughter: "We were driving home from Mxxxxxx helping my brother move. We were in a car and then you pointed out the circle of light… well, the blob of light that was orange, and we were trying to find something that it was on, something that it was put on or was flying by, but there was nothing, it was just hanging out."

Me: "What did you think it was?"
My Daughter: "I thought it was an airplane. I was confused."

Me: "What did it look like?"
My Daughter: "It was a light, so it wasn’t a perfect circle, so it had ridges and bumps. There isn’t a perfect word to describe its shape, because it was kind of twinkling light."

Me: "Was it as bright as the moon?"
My Daughter: "Um, yes, but in a different way, because the moon is just bright, and this was orange and shining."

Me: "Was it an enigma?"
My Daughter: "Yea."

(NOTE: "Was it an enigma?" is NOT an official MUFON question. I made that one up myself.)

As you'll see, my wife's recollections were eerily similar to those of my daughter...

Me: "Please describe what you saw."
My Wife: "We were driving back from Mxxxxxx at 8 or 9 at night. I was in the passenger seat. Cxxxx was in the back seat. My husband was driving. It was a two-lane road with woods on the left side and fields, farmland, and Wisconsin-ish stuff on the right side. There was a barn, or some kind of structure. We saw the object close to the barn. My husband noticed it first and pointed it out, and asked us what we thought it was. I thought it was some kind of tower, because the object wasn’t moving. It was kind of an orange glow. But there was no discernible pole attaching the object to the ground."

Me: "What did you think it was?"
My Wife: "I thought it was a tower. There was some confusion, because we really genuinely could not figure out what the thing was. That really is the take-home message here. It was (whispers) unidentified! And flying! And, presumably, an object."

Me: "What did it look like?"
My Wife: "I remember it as being kind of cylindrical, with a sort of warm orange glow. It looked like it could have been some kind of small kite with a light inside it, except that the light is making the whole thing glow, not like a light bulb would. With a light bulb, it would be bright and the light would dissipate towards the edges of the object, but the whole thing was glowing"

Me: "Could it have been a kite?" 
My Wife: “It had kite-like aspects. But why would a kite have a light inside of it?

The encounter ended differently for both of them. My daughter promptly fell into a deep, unearthly sleep after the sighting. I asked if she thought the object in the sky had somehow made her fall asleep, but she said no, she thinks it was just a normal, earthly sleep.

Because I drove on without stopping to investigate the object that night, my wife was reluctant to discuss how the sighting ended, saying, "I don’t want to incriminate my future MUFON captain husband. *giggle*" She is exactly the kind of gal you want at your side when you see a UFO.

Conclusions: three witnesses observed a glowing orange object of indeterminate shape floating motionless in the sky over a farm, then one of them fell into a deep, unearthly sleep. It was a UFO.

Epilogue: there is one detail of the incident that I remember, but my wife and daughter do not. Although I didn't have the smarts to pull over and get a better look at the thing, someone else did... As we passed the object, I noticed that a car had pulled off the highway and was parked, with its lights on, at the end of what I think was the driveway to the farm, pointed in the direction of the thing. At the time I thought, "That's a dumb place to park." A few moments later I realized the truth: we were not the only witnesses!

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