High Strangeness: Hi, Mom!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hi, Mom!

My wife told me today that my mother-in-law wants to read my blog, so... hi, Mom! I'll be looking forward to getting your feedback, and I hope that you'll still want to come visit for Thanksgiving.

This has actually been a reader feedback kind of day, and I've been enjoying it. This afternoon I got a nice email from two of my high school teachers saying that they've been enjoying the blog. I think they're pleased to see that I'm finally living up to the promise I showed when I was 17.

Earlier in the day, I took my oldest son Nxxx to lunch, and when the subject of the blog came up, he grew serious and said, "I've been meaning to email you about that, but I haven't found the right words..." I was intrigued, and told him to lay it on me. He took a deep breath and said, "You're really taking it... seriously."

I laughed and told him that my wife had had that very same worry about me a few weeks back, but that she had gotten past it and I was sure he would too. Damn right I'm serious. I'm a writer and a thinker and a dreamer, and my new but not so new fascination with UFOs inspires me on all those levels. I am perpetually fascinated by the foundations of peoples' belief systems, and by the fact that the billions and billions of diverse belief systems that have ever been and that ever will be all share so very much in common. And there's some funny shit going on in UFOland.

Of course, I can't win everybody over. When my daughter Cxxxx told me just now that she had to write a paper about global warming, but she couldn't come up with an interesting angle, I told her about the recent news story in which NASA scientists speculated that global warming could prompt aliens from outer space to attack the earth... I wish I could describe the look on her face. I can't. But I know her paper's probably going to be pretty dumb.

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