High Strangeness: Showing Some Pluck

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Showing Some Pluck

What are the qualities of a great detective? Persistence? A logical mind? Patience? An observant nature? Pluck? I'd say pluck.

The thing about pluck is, a detective never knows when he or she may need to draw on his or her pluck. Take me for instance. I've been waiting for over a week for my friends and future colleagues at MUFON to respond to my UFO sighting report and initiate an official investigation. But where is the knock on the door? Where is the phone call? Where is the team of NAVY SEALS in HazMat suits jumping out of the unmarked white van that has just screeched to a halt on the street outside my house?

I was beginning to worry that my wife, my daughter and I might start to forget the details of our sighting, might even be made to forget the details of our sighting... Then what would we have to tell the MUFON Field Investigator when he or she finally got around to interviewing us?

So I decided to show some pluck and initiate my own damned investigation. And you know what? If, by initiating my own damned investigation, I unravel this whole UFO enigma once and for all, MUFON better not come crying to me.

To initiate my own damned investigation, I asked my wife and my daughter to write down their own accounts of what we saw on the night of August 13th, in their own words, without talking to each other. Here's what they had to say:

MY WIFE: "My husband, his daughter Cxxxx and I were driving back to Fort Atkinson from Madison along a two lane road around 8 or 9 at night. The object we saw in the sky was hovering 200 feet over the field to the right of us. We were maybe 300 yards away from it when my husband first saw it and asked Cxxxx and me what we thought it was. We drove past it slowly but even when we were closest, none of us could figure out what the object was. It glowed from the inside with a warm orange light and was cylindrical in shape. At first it looked like a light tower but the glowing object did not seem to be atop any kind of pole or structure. Some kind of flare? The light seemed too constant and the object did not change position at all. It was difficult to tell how big it was with no real reference point in the night sky but my best guess was that it was between 4-6 feet long."

MY DAUGHTER: "We were driving home from Madison somewhere between 8 and 10 pm on a friday when we passed a strange light. It was orange and blobular and seemed to be suspended in air. If you didn't draw attention to it, it could easily be mistaken for some sort of tower or an airplane, but it wasn't. For one thing, it didn't move the whole time we watched it. And- the far odder thing- nothing was holding it up. As much as my eyes were willing me to imagine some sort of structure underneath the light to clear up my confusion, there really was nothing under it. It was simply a bright blob of mysterious light. Probably an alien."

Note how each of them experienced the phenomenon in unique ways. My wife Mxxxxx saw a cylindrical object, but to my daughter Cxxxx it appeared blobular. Cxxxx assumes it is alien in origin, but Mxxxxx makes no assumptions at all about its nature or origin. Over the coming days and weeks I will question them both closely about their experiences, and I will get to the bottom of this.

I know what you're thinking: "But, he's not trained! He's not even Certified!" Rest assured, dear readers, my intention is not to break my subjects, but merely to uncover the truth. And that takes pluck.

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